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Best 9 Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Romantic

Best 4 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Romantic
Best 4 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Romantic

Romantic outdoor wedding venue design is currently hyped. Having a beautiful wedding venue outdoor is everyone’s dream, and now it is no longer impossible to happen. As it would go hectic on the D-day, it is necessary to prepare all you need earlier. An outdoor wedding reception requires plans and anticipation due to direct weather exposures. Nevertheless, being surrounded by nature in your special day is genuinely worth your energy.

We recommend these key ideas on making your outdoor wedding venue romantic.

Rustic Décor

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 20


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 09


Rustic touch on the arch and aisle could definitely bring the romantic nuance that you need. A simple wooden arch adorned with dangling white decorating cloth could complete the stage. Also, you can beautify your arch and aisle with wooden barrels and adorable floral arrangement.

Nature-Charmed Reception

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 07


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 06


To bring along a pretty outdoor wedding reception, you can use natural wooden picnic tables adorned with simple garland centerpieces to allow guests to enjoy the relaxing yet meaningful moment together. You can also employ white chairs decorated with hanging flowers or rustic mason jars filled with pinecones.

Vignette Illumination

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 05


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 04


If you have an afternoon to the evening reception, it is important to think about its lighting. You can have white candles on the tables. Also, dangle string lights on your outdoor wedding venue to spread the rustic ambiance. You can also install some mason jar chandeliers on the focal points to let the vignette illumination in. Pick some in warm white lighting so that they would display the warmth in the air.

Wood Amazement

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 03


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 02


Wedding moment lasts forever, and to make it memorable, you need to provide spaces for everyone to take pictures so that they can keep them in memories, too. Allow the wood amazement to take apart in your outdoor wedding venue. You can manage a tree photo station, welcoming chalkboards, hashtag display, and other wedding-themed wood signs. Let the natural wooden décor splash the rustic amazement on your special day!

Fun Wedding

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 01


Wedding decorations are always made romantic with hundreds of flowers. To get a warm and casual party, bright colors can be used as decorations. As inspiration, decoration of paper flowers for decoration knick knacks.
Beautiful Dessert Table
Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 19
Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 17
Because this is part of an outdoor wedding, do not bother to organize the deserts of delicious dishes. You can arrange it beautifully with the help of wooden drums and vintage style drink station carts.

Another Function of A Wooden Ladder
Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 16
Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 13

To add a natural rustic impression, you can add a wooden ladder to make a memorable photo display with your partner, or you can also place a glass jar with beautiful flower arrangements. Give a point to put it so that all guests are impressed.

Extrance Walkway

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 10


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 08


To welcome guests, you need to make this sweet walkway, just arrange it with a series of elongated white cloths provided by candle glass lantern hangers sideways on the way to your wedding venue or with inflated balloons. You will never be wrong with this choice.

Backdrops Frame

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 12


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 11


Using frames or photo frames as wedding backdrops is the simplest thing among the others. You don’t need to buy or make anything to decorate your wedding backdrop


See, it’s not hard to have a beautiful outdoor wedding venue. Pick your favorites and give them a go!

Classy White Dress Inspirations for Your Graduation

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your Graduation
Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your Graduation

After those sleepless nights preparing for your exams and papers, it is important to celebrate the freedom and reward yourself by dressing your best at the graduation. As you will be wearing a bulky robe during the day, you definitely want to avoid wearing a too layered or long skirt. It can show the bottom of your graduation gown or anything too revealing for the occasion.

The safest option is to choose a white dress for the day. Here are some recommendations for a classy white dress you can wear on that special day.

If You Want to Avoid Hassle

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 15


You might not have enough time to change between your graduation ceremony and celebration dinner with extended family and friends. For that, you will need a  multifunctional dress, and this spaghetti-strap with a scalloped lace hem is perfect for serving those purposes.

This classy white dress is not only stylish but also provides convenience when worn under that bulky graduation gown. Don’t worry about getting all sweaty! As it is sleeveless, you also don’t have to worry about it peeking out from under your gown.

If You Want to Add Some Fun Vibes

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 08


As graduation is a moment of ‘victory’ against the somewhat harsh academic battle, wearing something that can emit your gleeful aura will help you enjoy the moment to its fullest. Therefore, you need something fun to display.

This white tulle short dress with embroidery is the definition of formal and fun. The lightweight netting and embroidery are combined into this classy white dress. Put this dress on and spread that contagious laugh, Girls!

If You are After That Stunning Look

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 07


Looking stunning at your graduation day can be done so effortlessly with this white Bardot frill midi dress. It has a mature accent and will make you look like you are ready to plunge into a professional field. Complement this dress with a collar necklace and mules, and then you are ready to grace the graduation stage.

Be Fiercely You White Dress

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 14


You tell your girl every time to stop trying to be something or someone who is not of them. Be Fiercely You, and make no excuses for that. You are perfect like you. So when I see you looking for a flashy dress, I know I want to be your choice of clothing. You are brave and beautiful, and I know my fashion.

Think About It Sweat

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 13


The sweater shirt features an imitation bust wrapper that forms a double v-neckline with a tie at the back, a long dolman sleeve, a detachable tie belt, and a matching skirt cut. That way you can look more charming and look sexy. Enhance with statement jewelry such as earrings so that the appearance becomes more elegant.

Simple Style but Still Looks Stunning

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 12


This dress is her superior form of transparent brocade fabric which makes it even more charming. Then for the subordinates, in the form of brocade with furing which is designed wrapped around the front. Dress made from lace can be an option for those who want a simple style but still looks stunning.

If You Want to Look Simple but Still  Classy

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 11


For you who want to look simple but still look classy, you can use party clothes like this. The long lower part of the back part is also very beautiful which will make your appearance look classy without being overdone. This dres is also the right choice to look stunning at a party without using a glamorous dress.

Minnie Strapless Skort Romper White

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 10


Do you want to look stunning and girly after the party? You can choose a modern party dress model off this shoulder dress Girls. The material from chiffon makes this dress look luxurious. You will also look sweeter and younger. The important thing is to be confident wearing this clothes. For shoes, you can choose plain heels with colors that match the dress.

If You Want to Look Fashionable

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 09


Graduation dresses always come with a variety of possibilities. The choice of an ideal dress will depend on several important factors. You will look classy, moreover there is an organza material that becomes a layer on the outside of this satin dress layer. The use of oganza like this can create an elegant formal feel. Long sleeves in this dress also make you more charming.

If You Want to Look Perfect

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 06


For those of you who are going to graduation, definitely want to look as much as possible on your happy day right? Try to wear this mini lace dress, this model dress is not dead. You can also make it as the first choice for your graduation style. Mix it perfectly from using matching ankle strap heels to make your feet look more beautiful. That way your graduation style will become more elegant.

If You Don’t Want to Regret

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 05


For those of you who have pear body shapes, Midi Draped Scuba Pleated White Bonded Dresses. Featuring a white scuba material with pleated detail wrapped and a long classy midi that has a long to the thigh can cover your wide hips. Even the shape of the contained body can look slimmer with the illusory effect provided by the outfit.

Best is Yet to Come White Backless

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 04


You can use party dresses like mini dresses adorned with a unique backless silhouette made by woven polyester fabric that hangs to the front level, and robe sleeves that hang down along the sheath skirt. Hidden back zipper. Mini dress with a touch of white color will make you look minimalist but accentuates the impression of elegance and classy. Combine with high heels and a leather clutch bag to make your classy appearance more perfect.

If You Want to Look Exclusive

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 02


Midi Ivory Midi Dress has been perfectly adjusted to fit you like a second skin! Round neck with a deep back knit in, knit this knit shirt, with the help of a soft shoulder, equipped with short sleeves, and arrows. The dress continued her body shape to the length of the midi, with a smooth kick as part of the resistance. A golden zipper opens at the back.

Reach Out My Hand White Lace Skater Dress

Classy White Dress Inspirations For Your 01


Nowadays there are more and more types and models of modern graduation dresses. Let your graduation memorable and look still look elegant, you should choose to wear a fresh dress model. The design of the dress that has a halter neck model that fits or leads tight on the body. This will make your body shape look perfect.

If you decide to try a classy white dress for your graduation or recommend them to your friends, please let us know how you think about them.

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration for Wedding Occasion

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion
Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion

Used to be donned for a relaxed occasion, maxi dress has been undergoing its ups and downs since its first appearance in the 1940s. Entering the 21st century, the dress regained its popularity after designers no longer made it a heap of capacious polyester, but changed it into cotton and other fine quality fabrics.

There is a good reason why maxi dress is well-liked by the majority of people. Not only it works for bodies of all sizes and shapes, but the maxi dress also suits every occasion—from casual, semi-formal, to formal like a wedding. The following are some maxi dress inspirations for you to wear at a wedding.

Maxi Dress and Winter Wedding

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion09


Winter always calls for something white and warm: snowflakes, snowmen, and hot chocolates. Maxi dress, in general, is known as a cool and breezy outfit, but it can be warm, too.

Don’t worry about being chilled to the bone when going out to attend a wedding. This turtleneck maxi dress will not only make you feel the cosiest but also give you a flattering look. Give it a try, Ladies.

Maxi Dress and Spring and Summer Wedding

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion10


Not so different with summer, spring is also a cheerful season involving loads of blooming flowers and strolling around the neighbourhood. For a wedding taking place in these two seasons, spaghetti strap maxi dress with floral pattern is a good option.

To give a serious and elegant touch, you can complement the look with appropriate accessories, such as a cuff bracelet, stilettos, leaf necklace, and clutch.

Maxi Dress and Fall Wedding

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion08


Fall is the popular season to hold a wedding. This season has a beautiful natural backdrop and feels comfortably cool. Choosing the best outfit to wear for fall can be tricky as the weather can be quite unpredictable.

Fortunately, there is a v-neck kimono sleeve maxi dress model, giving you a flattery look. It can even be done at any settings: indoor or outdoor and day or night.

Dark Green Velvet Maxi Dress and Winter Wedding

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion07


Velvet or velvet material is now widely used by fashion actors. This material which used to be difficult to clean now turns out to be easily cleaned through the dry-cleaning method. With a model of a stylish one-shoulder neckline and large bow detail and attached bodice flowing to the figure-skimming maxi skirt with this side gap gives a classic and elegant appearance. Velvet Maxi Dress is bound to people who see it can not turn away

Maxi Dress in Champagne Satin and Summer Wedding

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion06


Some fabrics will look attractive to be used as a basic material for making dresses. Why not, besides requiring a look that is indeed beautiful and beautiful. Dresses also need an elegant and classy look. This beautiful piece features side splits and maximum length. This is the perfect dress for any occasion. Complete with strappy high heels or a dress with gorgeous sandals for the finishing touch.

With Flying Colours Maxi Dress In Fall Wedding

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion05


If you still want to show the legs, an asymmetrical dress is the best choice. The short front and long back will make you look more sexy. This dress also features a pleated petal skirt and a strapless top style. This is a fantastic event. Complete the look with some high heels and stylish clutch.

Halter Maxi Dress in Summer Wedding

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion04


Having a lightweight and very comfortable material, this plain maxi dress that has one color above has its own advantages over the patterned one. A plain maxi dress will make your body look more slender even though you have a small body. What’s more, a plain maxi dress with white color will make you fuller. Stylish halter neck sleeveless dress comes with a side silhouette that makes wearing it look elegant and beautiful.

Halter Blue Evening dress in Summer Wedding

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion03


This latest women’s dress has a sleeveless halter neck model and a trendy appearance that is supported by a smooth and shiny material that is very comfortable when worn. This beautiful dress will be perfect as a bridesmaid’s dress or to be worn at a prom to show the glamorous impression.

Off Shoulder Style in Spring Wedding

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion02


This bridesmaid dress has an off shoulders model which will accentuate the shape of your beautiful shoulders. full-length gowns from neck shoulders in light sleeves with thigh-high slits provide a silhouette for a sophisticated bridesmaid look. made of fabric that is elegant and contemporary in style.

Maxi Dress Emerald in Winter Wedding

Pretty Maxi Dress Inspiration For Wedding Occasion01


Convertible Dress works hard to make your bridesmaids happy. He came with 2 extra-long front ribbons attached to his waist, so the girls could wiggle them however they wanted. This convertible chiffon bridesmaid dress in a beautiful emerald curtain on the body and floats with your movements, which means she is the best Boomerang-friendly bridesmaid dress to spin on the dance floor.

Hopefully, it brings good news to all maxi dress lovers wishing to look stylish at a wedding.

Simple yet Exquisite Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid Dress Ideas
Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Having a perfect wedding with beautiful dresses is every woman’s dream. One part of a wedding that can sometimes give us a headache is determining the dress for your bridesmaid. As much as we want to be as accommodating as possible, our girls often have different ideas of what constitute good bridesmaid dresses for them.

This article attempts to provide insights to future brides about bridesmaid dresses that will instantly receive nods from their bridesmaid. They are not only simple but exquisite to wear and look at.


Mixmatched Skirts and Shoes

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N10


If traditional bridesmaid dresses commonly suggest uniformed style and color from head to toe, this one does otherwise. You can experiment with color. Why not having your bridesmaids wear a similar colored top with different tones of skirt and shoes?

Not only does it give a colorful touch, but this idea also highlights your bridesmaids’ presence without dimming the charm of the bride due to the casual tone of the dress. This bridesmaid dress can be your alternative to color your wedding.

Floral Pants

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N08


Don’t be alarmed with the idea of wearing pants for your bridesmaid. When people say bridesmaid dresses, your thought might directly envision pretty gowns dangling on the body.

However, pants can be pretty, too, especially that with beautiful floral prints and calm colors. Pair them up with a simple white top, then voila! Your girls will look incredibly stunning!

Uniformed Two-Piece

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N07


Uniformity in bridesmaid dresses can solve loads of issues such as model, color, and fabric selection. It prevents you from having an extra headache as you have one less thing to think about at your wedding day. However, this dress takes the concept of uniformity to the next level.

What if you dress both your bridesmaids and groomsmen the same way? Is that even possible? Of course! White shirt and black pant combination is a universal combo dress for every formal occasion. Adding cute butterfly tie, your bridesmaids and groomsmen are ready to grace the wedding carpet.

Boho Chic Bougainvillea

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N06


Clothing worn on a wedding day must be carefully thought out. Besides brides and family clothes, you also need to think about bridesmaids uniforms. Bridesmaid’s dress that looks special will certainly make your party also more lively. This boho dress model will make your body shape more proportional. In addition, to give the impression of a feminine and elegant, you can choose a dress with floral motifs.

Dusty Blue Bridesmaid

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N05


For the impression of semi-glamor, a dress with a length to dangle to the ground is really suitable for day and night. The touch of brocade doesn’t look too crowded but still classy and luxurious lace decoration on it makes you look more on point. You can choose soft colors to make it look fresh and elegant. day. Especially for outdoor events, stylish dresses like this will make you look beautiful.

High Neck with Side Split

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N03


For you who want to look simple but still look classy, you can use party clothes like the dark emerald green above. The emerald green color of this latest party dress will make your appearance look classy without exaggeration. The halter neckline style looks elegant when combined with a side split that shows your long legs. With this dress you will look effortless stunning.

Mermaid Ombre Sequined

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N02


Do not hesitate to show off your curves using a mermaid model party dress. Because the mermaid dress has a style that fits in the body up to the knees and widened down precisely in the legs. In addition, the halter neckline and sleveeless models on this one dress will also make your shoulders look more beautiful. This one dress model will be very suitable for you to use at night because the sparkling sequins effect will be very beautiful at night.

Classic and Simple

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N01


For you who are looking for a minimalist but charming dress, the blue dress above will be very suitable for you to use. This blue party dress will accentuate your slim waist and v neck that isn’t too wide. dress will perfect your appearance.

Open Shoulder Tea Length Gold

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N09


This one dress will fall beautifully wrapped in your body because of its lightweight material. Make sure your party dress is below knee length and not too long to touch your ankles. This will make your appearance look fresher and not full.

Rose Gold V-Neck Split

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N04


The dress model above will be very suitable for you who have a lean body with tiered legs. The color is rose gold with satin fabric will make you look elegant. Especially in the skirt of your legs that will stand out prominently with a fairly high slit on the dress. This one party dress style will also make you look more attractive with long sleeves and v-neck models that are quite low.

What do you think, fellas? Hope you like those bridesmaid dresses as much as we do in recommending them to you.

How to Look Expensive in Formal Dresses

How To Look Expensive In Formal Dresses
How To Look Expensive In Formal Dresses

One fundamental rule in styling is always to look chick. To do so, all you need to do is merely choosing an outfit that suits you. It applies to all kinds of dress, including the formal one.

Are you planning on attending any formal occasions? Do you want to look impressive and expensive? The following styling tips will give you insights on how to look fancy in formal dresses.

When in Doubt, Wear Black and White

How To Look Expensive In Formal 11


How To Look Expensive In Formal 12


There is a reason why black and white are most people’s favourite color. In addition to being great neutral colors perfect to be complemented with almost anything in any colors, they are elegant and look expensive. They will never fail you when wearing formal dresses.

Choose an outfit combining these two colors, such as white top and pants accessorized with a black belt or shoes. Alternatively, you can even wear all black and white.

Don’t Blind Me with That Bright Dress!

How To Look Expensive In Formal 08


How To Look Expensive In Formal 01


Not all bright dresses indeed look cheap; some designers of certain brands even can make those dresses look classy. However, bright-colored formal dresses are relatively difficult to pull off unless they used high-quality fabrics.

To err on the side of caution, it is highly recommended that you opt for muted, white, pastel, or darker colors, such as black or jewel tones.

Be Maximum Stylish with Long Coats

How To Look Expensive In Formal 07


How To Look Expensive In Formal 02


Complementing your look with a long coat instead of a short, bloated one is another way to look fancy. The coat should pass the knees; the longer the better.

Long coats are must-have items if you want to leave an elegant impression. Besides, a long coat is versatile as it can be worn as both casual and formal outfits.

Make sure Clothes Fit Body

How To Look Expensive In Formal 06


How To Look Expensive In Formal 05


If it does not fit the body size also has a bad effect with comfort when used, do not be forced to buy even though the price is very affordable. Sometimes we simplify by thinking that later the oversized clothes can be overhauled to a tailor. In fact, the results could be neat and not in accordance with your body structure. So when buying an attempt to find the size of the clothes to be purchased first.

Don’t Buy Shiny Materials

How To Look Expensive In Formal 04


How To Look Expensive In Formal 03


Instead of making the appearance look luxurious, clothing with cheap shiny materials can make the appearance seem ‘tacky.’ Instead, choose chiffon material that can make the look more elegant. This chiffon fabric tends to be of thin character with a faint sparkle and simple weaving.

Avoid excessive motives

How To Look Expensive In Formal 10


How To Look Expensive In Formal 09


It’s best to avoid motives and play in plain, simple themes. Because usually patterned clothing with prices that are less quality can look cheap and easy to remember. So as not to be boring, you can add jewelry to make a statement on your appearance.

Hopefully, you will get the idea to look expensive in formal dresses without having to spend a lot.

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner Must Know

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner Must Know
16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner Must Know

Makeup lifestyle is mushrooming and getting to know about makeup brushes is one of the first lessons to learn for every beginner. There are many kinds of brushes with different functions. To have your brushes long-lasting, it is important to choose the right material of your brushes and to keep them clean before use.

Here are several prominent makeup brushes that’ll complete every beginner’s collection.

Kabuki Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 16


A kabuki brush is used to apply your foundation after you’ve applied primer with your hands. The brush with a short handle and dense bristles is named that way after a well-known dance-drama theater from Japanese, Kabuki, for the elaborate make-up worn by the performers. You can apply foundation with the kabuki brush to your skin, dip your brush in and begin buffing into the skin with a stippling motion.

Fan Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 08


If you find a fan brush, it can offer an extra use for your beauty kit. Highlighter can actually be applied by using any brushes, but to go for a good hit of highlighter, you can use a fan brush. Simply dip it into your favorite color and dust it on the high points of the face.

Powder Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 07


In a hot day, using a powder brush instead of powder puff is highly recommended. The regular powder brush has a large, fluffy brush to apply your powder quickly and simply. Buffing in your mineral foundation can also be done using this brush, too.

Eyeshadow Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 06


There are a lot of eye tasks, and it can be frightening for starters. Calm down and get to know the use of eyeshadow brush as one of the prominent makeup brushes to have. You can use the brush to pack the beautiful colors for eyes and finish it with a blending brush.

Eyebrow Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 05


A dual-ended eyebrow brow is common to see. You can function the firm, slanted bristles to fill in sparse brows with your favorite eyebrow pigment. The soften one is used to come through your brows to make them finer.

Angle Contour Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 04


Asymmetrical angle contour brush which has a tapered and angled tip to one side. Usually this brush is used to make contours on the cheekbones, jaw area, and forehead lines, in order to realize the tapered silhouette.

Concealer Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 03


These brushes usually have a longer, smaller shape and a pointed tip. Concealer brush with the tip like that is suitable to be used to disguise blemishes on the face that is pimply or to disguise black circles in the eye area.

Sponge Applicator Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 10


Although it includes a brush applicator but it is not made of strands of hair, but rather from a sponge. Its function is as an applicator for applying eyeshadow to the eyelid. Keep in mind if this brush is quite vulnerable, so the use and care needs to be done gently.

Flat Top Strippling

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 02


This brush with the top cut evenly is suitable for applying light powder or creamy products. With a soft design but still maintaining its ease.

Precise Eye Liner Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 09


This small, thin, elongated brush has the function of making precise squared eye lines or can also be used to apply eyeliner with gel form

Lip Liner Brush with Cap

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 01


This lipstick brush has a thin shape with slightly coarse or hard bristles designed to form lip lines to be more precise. While the bristles of the brush will help you perfect the application of lipstick more perfect for the intensity of the lipstick color as you wis

Liquid Foundation Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 15


This foundation brush is flat with the tips of the hairs that are puffed up and have a harder hair type than the other brushes. The brush is very suitable for applying liquid and cream based cosmetics such as liquid foundation, creamy foundation, to BB or CC cream so that the results are even.

Eye Shader Large Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 12


This brush is flat with the tip of a bulging fur. This brush functions as forming the corner of the eye, used in applying eye shadow.

Smudge Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 14


Eyeshadow brush type strands of hair has a flat shape and thick edges (tend to be convex). These brushes are usually used to form the corners of the eyes or give a smooke effect using eyeshadow so that the results become more visible.

Shader-Crease Brush

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 13


Having a rather long shape and pointed rounded edges. This creader shader brush applicator is designed to make shadows in eye creases using eyeshadow.

Medium Shadow Fluff

16 Makeup Brushes That Every Beginner 11


This brush has an oval shape and is small in size, making it suitable for making gradations blending the eyesahdow so that the etrilaht lines that are rough on the eye make-up will blend gently so it looks more natural.

Hopefully, our list of makeup brushes would get every beginner well-informed.

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration to Copy

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration To Copy
Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration To Copy

For beauty enthusiasts, having great makeup vanity is a must. If you have already managed your room design ready, simply adjust your makeup corner with it. The key of a brilliant makeup vanity is to have fully functioned parts of it for makeup purposes and to deck up your room space. You can pick natural materials like wood to highlight the rustic effect or take advantage of simple, effortless, and minimalist design.

Here we list some recommendation for your amazing makeup vanity.

Rustic Vanity

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 01


Rustic’s style in this vanity always gives the impression of natural beauty with a blend of contemporary design that gives a real, fresh, and light touch. The most inherent element here is about simplicity in decoration and architecture.

The Golden State’s Lifestyle

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 11


In addition to the luxurious style interior appearance, this one vanity is also suitable for you to mix and match with elegant to modern styles. With sparkly accents arising from the reflection of the decor that is very eye chatcing. The background is given a wide mirror that will help you more freely when you pay attention to your overall appearance.

Fabulous French Style Vanity

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 04


This fabulous French-style vanity is painted in gray and yellow tones with white accents to accentuate the beautiful details. All details are painted in Pure White. All hardware is painted in the same color as vanity makeup. Drawers are painted and the sides of the drawers are lined with floral paper. High vanity dimensions include vintage-style mirrors.

Gold Makeup Vanity with Drawers Pink

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 03


Bring style and sophistication to any space in your home with this elegant vanity set. Built on a durable stainless steel base in gold coating, this vanity has two large sliding drawers to provide enough space for your make-up and jewelry, while the spacious top provides a perfect stage for open display and storage.

Timeless Vanity Woods

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 08


A classic yet sophisticated makeup vanity? Go for one made of wood to establish the natural ambiance on your beauty corner. Picking teak wood can be your chance to have a rustic makeup vanity. If the natural wood color is too mediocre for you, opt for white-washed wood materials. You can also install LED makeup lights in warm white to enhance the rusty sensation.

Mirrored Vanity

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 07


A glamorous sensation can be brought through the installment of mirrors onto your makeup vanity. A mirrored vanity can also surprisingly offer you another function as mirror lets your space look wider! You can also install any vanity accessories, like LED lights and a diamond-styled glass chandelier to level up space.

Floral Amazement

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 05


For feminine personality, flowers are the key. Own your impressive makeup vanity by having your floral design ready. A chic yet minimalist vanity can be a great pick for the minimalist room layout. You can also apply floral wallpaper beyond your makeup vanity to highlight the beautiful simplicity. Also, set a flower vase to complete the look if necessary.

Simple, Elegant Vanity

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 06


If your room design employs mid-century, modern design, a simple yet elegant makeup vanity is your perfect catch. You can take monochromatic colors, like white, beige, or pale brown, to match your modern, minimalist vanity corner. A simple yet pretty white flower can surely enhance the space, too.

Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 12


No need for complicated details to bring functional vanity. By providing a wooden drawer with a mirror on a simple iron frame, you can bring a minimalist dressing table. Do not forget to place the lighting near the mirror.

Dressing Vanity Romance

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 02


Look simple with a cabinet and mirror that is given two sides of the fold with shapes to avoid the impression of monotony, this vanity will show your sides too. After finding the capital and design of a minimalist dressing table, you can also match the style and material of this minimalist dressing table with the furniture in your room.

Glam Styles

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 10


To give a broad impression, you can also hang the mirror on the wall so that the dressing table does not have legs that limit the space for movement. Vanity options with this gam style will also help make the room easier to clean.

Pretty Lux

Impressive Makeup Vanity Inspiration R 09


For those of you who want to look creative with beautiful vanity, the choice of vanity which is equipped with a display stand is very useful for storing some of your jewelry. In addition it looks also does not seem monotonous. You can combine it with a feather chair for maximum viewing.

Our recommendation would hopefully get you inspired. Go for your amazing makeup vanity.

12 Adorable Braid Hairstyles You Can’t Resist

Braid Hairstyles Are Surprisingly Perfect For Almost Any Occasion You’ll Have Here Is Our Recommen
Braid Hairstyles Are Surprisingly Perfect For Almost Any Occasion You’ll Have Here Is Our Recommen

Braid hairstyles were used to be popular in Europe, but as time goes by, they keep mushrooming to all parts of the world to elevate women’s look. Braids were commonly used in bridal parties, but today it is often applied in unexpected occasions, like a casual gathering with friends and family. Know well the situation of the occasion you’ll attend and consider looking in style with braids you’ll have.


Get encouraged with our picks on beautiful braid hairstyles that’ll charm everyone.

French Plait

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 12


French plait is also well-known as a French braid. This type of braid must be on top search if you’re currently looking forward to braid hairstyles. Simply braid three sections of hair together from the crown of the head to the nape. The three-strand gathered plait is also often applied onto two sides of braids. French plait is perfect for both formal party and daily look.

Dutch Braid

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 08


If French plait is not your favorite, opt for a Dutch braid for your updo look. The Dutch braid is also known as reverse French braid although, in fact, it actually goes just like a French braid, except that you cross the strands under instead of over. If your hair is long, the Dutch braid works for you. You can also consider a double Dutch braid instead if you’ve got short hair.

Loose Braided Ponytail

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 07


The loosely braided ponytail is one of the popular braid hairstyles. You can just braid your ponytail loosely bigger from the crown of the hair and smaller to the tail. To get the adorable look, wear a cute ribbon on it. It is not only great for your casual look but also perfect for a glam party or a wedding ceremony.

Side Swept Braids

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 06


Side swept braids give you an edgy look for your hair experiments. Applying the side swept braids works for long hair if you are about to go to a party or casual gathering with family. If your hair is short, no worries. Side swept braids can surprisingly work for you, too.

Waterfall Braid

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 05


Named Braid Waterfall because hair braids are formed like a waterfall. This braid will make you look more feminine. Do not forget, to give a little texture under the hair by using a curling iron.

Headband Braid

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 04


Side braid haircut makes neat bangs without having to wear headbands, this braid will make your look look more elegant. Suitable also used at parties or formal events.

Halo Braid

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 03


Halo Braid can make you look like a goddess from Greek mythology. This sweet Halo Braid hairstyle is suitable for any occasion. But considering the romantic ending, you can try this tutorial for a date for dinner with your partner.

Fishtail Braid

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 02


Braid fishtail or modern braids inspired by the shape of these fish fins, can make your ponytail style more beautiful and unique. This braid fishtail gives the impression of being simple but still girly.

A Small Side Braid

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 01


If it’s hard to play with big braids, try to create mini-sized braids, which are certainly easier to make. Apply this to one side of your hair. Usually the braid model enthusiasts have a slightly shy character.

Mohawk Braid Top Knot

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 11


For a different look, try to make a French or Dutch braid in the middle of the hair and tie it into a loose spot. For other parts of the hair let loose and give a touch of curly width to make it look sweet.

Double Braided Buns

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 10


Beautiful braid trends always appear every year. But to make a braid model is arguably tricky. Because you have to be able to display unique and natural braid models and match the shape of your face. Try to apply 2 French Braids that are finished with mini pimps, your appearance will look cute and adorable.

Braided Space Bun

Adorable Braid Hairstyles 09


Braid hair models become one of the styles most widely worn at various events both formal and casual. But if you want to be creative with your hair in a playful style, try the space bun style with this modern braid blend.

See, it’s not difficult to look adorable with braid hairstyles. Pick your favorite and give a total go!

Best Known Hairstyle for Men to Get Masculine

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To Get Masculine
Best Known Hairstyle For Men To Get Masculine

To look masculine, hairstyle for men is one strong factor. Classic or modern, every man has each style for a haircut as everyone has different hair type. Thus, one man’s cut can be different from another. Try to pair your hairstyle with outwear that’ll be perfect for the situation you are in. You can apply pomade, gel or wax on your hair, but remain considering your hair type as not all hair type works for them.


Here are several top picks on hairstyle for men to get masculine.


Short Messy Hair

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 13IMAGE SOURCE

If wildlife and adventure is your best friend, short messy hair can be a total bomb to get your look ass-kicking. The hairstyle for men is favorable to enjoy a stroll with friends, to go to campus, or to go for an adventure. This cut effortlessly works for wavy hair type. If you’ve got straight hair, don’t worry. You can apply pomade to go for this look.

Clean, Professional Haircut

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 08


A clean, professional haircut implausibly levels up your masculinity. If you go for a formal meeting or a glam party, this clean haircut can be the best to offer. Pair it with a tux suit and leather shoes and be fully ready to charm everyone on the floor.

Shaved Sides with Beards

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 07


Shaved sides haircut is still hyped. Pick the best cut for you by considering the hair type you’ve had and the hair length you want. Many men are still falling into beards to boost up their masculinity. Pairing beards with shaven sides hairstyle is the best chance to enhance the updo. Style your haircut with pomade, gel and wax to earn the best effect you can get.

The Classic Pompadour

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 06


A big fan of Elvis Presley? Classic pompadour must ring you a bell. The idea of a classic pompadour allows you to have sweeping hair upwards from the face. What makes it unique is that it is worn high above the forehead. It will make a pomp effect on your updo. By applying this cut, getting classy yet dazzling is no longer impossible for you.

Curly Hair with Hard Side

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 05


In this year many short male hairstyles are popping up that are varied, cool and also trendy. The model is very hits among urban men. Curly hair model with hard side
It is suitable for men who like hair volume. This haircut will fit those of you who have curly hair texture. At the bottom, the hair is shaved with an undercut model and the top is left long.

Jewfro Hairstyles

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 04


It doesn’t have to always seem sweet, men who want to look masculine like they can take inspiration from this jewfro cutout model. Usually this piece is perfect for you who have curly hair. You just make it seem disheveled but still structured.

Classy Long Hairstyle

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 03


Not only women, men can also have long haircuts. Shoulder-length pieces will make you look more extreme and masculine with the beard. Natural hair color and firm comb, would be suitable for the type of serious man.

Undercut Blondes

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 02


The development of hair models with undercut models was popular some time ago, still a role model and excellent appearance. It feels like it will never make you die in style. Undercut hair models are still the most popular nowadays and become one of the iconic hairstyle trends among men.

Buzz Cut

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 01


Buzz cut is a short haircut that has a characteristic hair that has a thin cut. Usually this model is used by members of the military. Adjust to ensure the face and head shape of this hairstyle is fairly simple, simple, fresh and practical.


Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 12


For those of you who want to look more masculine and cool, this quiff man’s short haircut can perfect the owner of an oval face. Because oval faces that tend to elongate make quiff hairstyle more visible. This hairstyle makes it easy for you to manage.

Disconnect Undercut

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 11


If you already have a men’s hairstyle like this does not mean you can leave it alone. You have to be able to arrange it well in order to get maximum attractive results. Disconnect undercut is also a type of one of the undercut pieces which is not easy, so those who do it must be really reliable.

Patterned Fade

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 10


Talking about patterned fade hairstyles is very unique, because the lines on the hair can be a value of masculinity. This hairstyle is a fade that forms a pattern. It is better to make a pattern that is neither too complex nor too simple. Because if it’s too simple, your hairstyle will look like hump.

Curtain Cut

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To 09


Definitely not familiar with the middle haircut or the so-called curtain haircut. Even though it looks simple, to get curtain haircut, you have to grow your hair until it is thick.

Chic Short Hairstyle for Women You Can Follow

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women You Can Follow
Chic Short Hairstyle For Women You Can Follow

Short hairstyle for women offers effortless simplicity. All you need to do is to adjust your short hairstyle for the occasion that you’ll attend. Formal meeting or party requires you to look professional and clean, so formal outwear and minimalist hair accessories can be your solution to pair with your short haircut. Meanwhile, the casual or daily look is even more fun for experiments in styling your updo.

Get inspired with our recommendation on chic short hairstyle for women you can copy below.

Blunt Bob

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 11


Blunt bob is perfect for taking you at almost any occasion you have. This timeless short hairstyle for women keeps being many people’s favorite pick. This haircut will work your formal meeting with your professional attire and it also looks great with denim you wear on a casual afternoon walk with friends.

Bob with Beachy Waves

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 08


If you’re currently into wavy effect on your updo, try to have bob with beachy waves. It’s also brilliant that this hairstyle could surprisingly make you look younger. Your fresh look will be showcased on any occasion that you’ll attend. A leather jacket and a T-shirt will be perfect for your afternoon stroll in this updo. If you go for a party, a simple pearl hairpin can enhance your wavy bob look.

Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 07


The pixie cut is one of the top picks for your search on short hairstyle for women. This haircut is forever loved as it could totally work for many women to boost up their look. Pixie cut with side bangs can be your alternative if the basic cut is dull for you. You can put on a simple hair accessory to level up your hairstyle at a party. A subtle hair bronzer can also work, too.

Braids and Curls

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 01

Braids and curls are alternatives to take in short hairstyle for women. Braids are typically worth your energy to establish your elegance in a rustic wedding party. Straight or curly, your short hairstyle will be ready to pamper everyone’s eyes.

Medium Water Wavy

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 06


This hair style is quite simple, but still gives the impression of elegance. Simply cut hair to shoulder length, give a little touch of volume. So that the impression of a thicker vintage you can create a wavy effect by using a roll or curling iron. Give a little hair cream to keep it neat throughout the day

Shaggy Lob

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 05


Basically shaggy haircut like this does look simple, you just need to give a rather shabby impression with shaggy pieces. However, hair with this model can be an option for those of you who have thin wavy hair and an oval face shape.

Sci-fi Bob

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 04


This short haircut can only be applied by you with an oval face. This short haircut with a blend of pixe cut and under cut styles does indeed look very edgy and not everyone will deserve and feel confident. However, if your face is oval, don’t be afraid, you will definitely look good with this cut.

Faux Hawk

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 03


Short hairstyle that suits you, the tomboy. To form a faux hawk style, arrange both sides of the hair using hair gel or simply pinch it with a bobby pin. This little haircut is given a touch of layer to give a stylish effect.

Graduated Bob

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 02


This short haircut has a slightly shorter back than the front and sides. Often known as an inverted bob. It is suitable for you who have full cheeks, because it can give a thin effect on the face.

Vintage Curls

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 10


Have an important event on the weekend? You can try classic and elegant vintage hairstyles. It’s easy, use a large roll or curling iron. This hairstyle is a concern after several Hollywood celebrities wear this type of hair style.

Bowl Cut

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 09


As the name implies, this one haircut is cut like a bowl. When viewed closely, women who have hairstyles like this seem eccentric and edgy. But make no mistake, this hairstyle can add its own charm.

Hopefully, our recommendation on short hairstyle for women would help you elevate your look into another level.


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