11 Cute Baby Girl Christmas Dresses

11 Cute Baby Girl Christmas Dresses
11 Cute Baby Girl Christmas Dresses

Babies are entitled to celebrate Christmas as well. Thus, they need a proper Christmas dress to go. There are lots of cute Christmas outfits out there. Make sure to find one that fits and looks lovely on your baby. Who doesn’t want their babies to look adorable on that special day?

Listed below are several baby girl Christmas dress that you will love. Don’t forget to take loads of great pictures. You will miss the moments in the future. Who knows?

Red and Black Plaid Toddler Dress


What’s more suitable for Christmas than a red, black, and white dress? This dress is perfect for your little girl.

The knitted top is made of soft material to make your baby comfortable doing her things. Meanwhile, the skirt is made of lined fluffy tulle layers. With this dress, you will get lots of perfect shots and compliments. Also, your baby will be tremendously happy with it.

First Christmas Outfit


Is it the first Christmas for your baby girl? Then, this baby girl Christmas dress is a perfect choice. It comes with white and red colors. So, your baby can get all the attention.

The top is made of soft materials with sparkly glitter graphics that won’t shed, while the shirt comes with scallop trim and bubble sleeve detail. The tutu is extra fluffy with elastic satin waistband. It also comes with leg warmers made of soft cotton knit that you can pull as high or as lower you want. Moreover, they are adorned with matching sequin bows.

Maroon Christmas Twirl Dress


Another anti-mainstream dress comes with beautiful Christmas patterns of mauve and maroon animals and Christmas trees for the top, while the lower part features pleated design. You can wear it as a tunic or top as your baby grows.

Don’t worry. The materials are durable so that the dress can last for a long time. Besides, your baby will get all compliments with this baby girl Christmas dress.

The Rose Baby Dress


The combination of red with rose creations makes children look attractive and cheerful. This red dress is made of chiffon with a rose pattern for the top and a touch of soft tulle for the bottom. Decorated with white ribbons made of satin add to the composition of shapes and colors that are more beautiful. Also equipped with rhinestone for ribbons.

Solid Colored Sleeveless Dress


Who does not know about Santa Claus. Santa Claus is often awaited at Christmas, which is synonymous with red clothes with white combinations, like this little dress that looks adorable when worn. With a soft feather decoration under the touch of her skirt. The top is designed with sparkling sequin.

Lil Miss Santa Claus Christmas Dress


Sequins made of cloth with sparkling beads or sequins. Sequin usually has a geometric shape. The top comes with shiny red sequined and lined with comfortable soft faux fur, complete with sparkling black belts and rhinestone buckles. This dress has a ribbon that can be worn on the neck.

Exquisitely Detailed Tulle Dress


This dress with a ball gown silhouette has smooth layered tulle that forms a wave that ripples. Combined with details of beautiful flowers with calm nude colors, this dress will show off your sweet little baby.

Snowflake Print Lace Layered


With a touch of snow motif printed on thin fabric tille accentuates the sweet side of your baby. Equipped with 2 large ribbons made of satin material, this is designed to be very comfortable because the material used does not cause irritation or can limit the space for children.

Clasic  Christmas dress


The choice of Christmas gowns is based not only on the existing trends, but also must pay attention to the suitability of the color design and material selection. This dress has a casual model with cute pieces. The basic color combination of dark green with a checkered pattern bordered by knitted lace and the sleeves made variations that resemble the shape of the wing.

Matching Embroidered Red Top


This baby dress is very charming when the blend of smooth ruffle tile and brocade becomes one. Brocade details consisting of floral textured embroideries certainly enrich the look. Moreover, the selection of white and red colors that are identical with Christmas make the dress feels more special.

Crochet Patterns For Baby


Not only to make adults look stylish, your child will also look adorable wearing a sweet designed knitted dress. This knitted dress has a puff stitch motif with combination of red and white color that looks elegant.


Nothing can make your heart melts more than seeing your baby girl looks cute on pictures.


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