10 Charming Christmas Makeup Looks

10 Charming Christmas Makeup Looks
10 Charming Christmas Makeup Looks

If doing some makeup has been your daily activities, then it will never go the last. When everyone is busy with Christmas outfits and gifts, makeup fills your mind. You need to make sure that your makeup matches all the outfits. If not, you surf the internet and find one that best matches the outfit of your choice.

Yes. We know that your makeup is as important as other things you have prepared for the day. But now, save your time for other things as we have selected several Christmas makeup looks for you.

Dark Green Eyes


The green shade is rarely used for makeup. But it does not mean that green does not look good for your eyeshadow. Before you start, you should select which shade of green that suits the colour of your hair and outfit, not to mention skin tone.

First, apply some eye shadow base to enhance the colour. Then apply the green shade. Draw half a circle using purple shade starting from the outer corner of your eyes. Finish the look with brown eyeliner and brow.

Glitter Eyeliner and Smokey Eyes

Christmas Makeup Looks 08


It is the season to go wild for parties and celebrating the holiday. So, wearing some glitter as one of Christmas makeup looks is acceptable. And it is best coupled with the old-fashioned Smokey eyes. You can wear either traditional black or brown Smokey eyes.

To achieve the look, start with applying a lighter shade to the eyes. Layer it with a darker shade and try to blend the two colours. Then, it’s time to layer your eyeliner. Apply glitter eyeliner over the thick shade of your eyeliner.

Gold and Green Eyes

Christmas Makeup Looks 07


Like glitter, gold can tone up any party. So, combining gold and green can double the festivity. Gold colour can be too overwhelming when teamed with certain outfits. If you are in this condition, combine the colour with light brown eyeshadow.

First, apply light brown eyeshadow to your eyelid then covers it with gold colour on the lower eyelid. Then, apply the green eyeliner. If you don’t have one, use green eyeshadow and apply it using wet, thin eyeshadow brush

Gold and Blue Eyes

Christmas Makeup Looks 06


This eye makeup requires three different eyeshadow colors. This one uses a combination of light blue, dark blue and gold. The three were blended very beautifully and covered with black eyeliner brushes with cat eye models. Enhance the appearance of the eyes with black mascara on the upper lashes.

Popping Eyes

Christmas Makeup Looks 05


Use pop eyeliner and eye shadow like bright pink, even for a more dramatic result mix with the use of brightly colored contact lenses. Do not forget to give a touch of mascara to enhance the appearance of a more lively eye.

Awakening Look

Christmas Makeup Looks 04


After applying concealer around the eyes, polish the eyelids with champagne eye shadow to get a glowing eye appearance. Use false eyelashes plus mascara so that the eyes look more open. Lastly wear bright blue eyeliner along the eyelid line which will give effect to the inside of the eye looking whiter.

Line Ace Legend

Christmas Makeup Looks 03


Bright colors often make eye makeup look fresh and lively, like the color below which is quite simple and doesn’t need a lot of color
In addition to painting eyebrows, you can apply neutral colored eyeliner such as brown or taupe so that the eyes look more dimensional. Use a small, wide sponge with soft and thick fur so that when you blend the eyeshadow it can look neat and not messy. Brush on the eyelid, especially in the folds. After that, blend until the top of the eyelid with gradations until the eyeshadow appears faint.
Simple Purple Eyes
Christmas Makeup Looks 02
If you don’t dare to experiment by mixing eyeshadow colors, you don’t need to worry. For this one makeup is more simple. You only need to brush the purple blue eyeshadow on the upper lid. Enhance this look with a black waterproof mascara that will make eyelashes more curved.
Smokey Eyes
Christmas Makeup Looks 01
This eye makeup is suitable for you who want to attend events or hang-out at night and need more dramatic make-up. Make smokey eye makeup using black, blue or purple eyeshadow. Can be applied as in the entire eyelid or in the crease by applying silver shimmer on the end of the eyelid to make it look beautiful. Don’t forget to also apply the dark eyeliner at the bottom of the eyelid to give the impression of a larger eyelid.
Glitter Line Art
Christmas Makeup Looks 09
Firm eye makeup with the addition of shimmer eyeshadow makes the eyes look more alive. Then give a line with white eyeliner on the crease. Wear gold around your eyes. Coupled with a touch of golden highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. This will display a monochromatic color that is different from normal.

We hope you get the best look for you among those Christmas makeup looks.


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