10 Cute DIY Christmas Hair Bows

10 Cute DIY Christmas Hair Bows
10 Cute DIY Christmas Hair Bows

You have asked a tailor to make outfits for your family. You have ordered snacks and things for Christmas. And the decorations for the big day are still in good condition. Let’s say hat everything is well-prepared., but what about your girl’s hair bows?

Christmas hair bows are cute on girls. They can get reindeer, a tree, Santa Claus, or a snowflake clip. Whatever they are, you need to make sure that they are still in the theme. Below are some bows collections that your girls’ will love.

“Frozen” Bow

Christmas Hair Bows 12


We’re sure that all girls in this world fall in love with the “Frozen” movie. The flick that brings winter-theme suits the Christmas party. Thus, any “Frozen”-inspired accessories will rule the party.

Try matching some white or light blue and sparkly silver ribbons. Create a traditional hair bow using white or blue as the base. Then, create another using the silver ribbon as the upper layer. Decorate the bow with snowflake-shaped at the centre. You can also add an Elsa-printed pin on the Christmas hair bows.

A Poinsettia Bow

Christmas Hair Bows 08


When you think of Christmas, your mind will full of a snowman, snowflakes, Christmas tree, Santa, and reindeers. But you should not forget the iconic Christmas flower that suits any occasion.

To create this beautiful flower, you need red and green felt cloths. Create flower petals from each colour with green being bigger than its counterpart. You can do it by cutting the petals one by one and stick them together using glue or thread. After that, layer them together with the green cloth being the lower part. Use a bead or a collection of small beads as the pistil.

Gorgeous Bow

Christmas Hair Bows 07


If your girl does not mind wearing a big bow, you can try making this one. It will look gorgeous on her, especially if she is into fashion. Besides, it will look good on you too.

To create one, you need one or two colours of felt cloth, some beads, and accessories, like a feather. Cut the cloth into about a centimetre wide then roll each of them until it creates one big flower. Continue the same method with the other cloth. Stick together using glue and add the accessories.

Snowflake Hair Bow

Christmas Hair Bows 05


Christmas can be an inspiration to make beautiful hair bands. All you need to make this snowflake hair bow model is a snow tile fabric for the outer layer and satin fabric for the inside, add snowflake shaped accessories in the middle.

Santa Claus Hair Bow

Christmas Hair Bows 03


So that children appear confident at Christmas, you can make a cute hair ribbon shaped leg of Santa Claus. Prepare a red ribbon cloth, black glitter fabric, soft feathers, and imitation diamonds as a Santa belt. It’s easy enough to shape it, cut the black glitter fabric into a shoe. Place the feathers on the end of the red ribbon and then continue with the cut of the shoes.

Rudolf the Red Nose

Christmas Hair Bows 02


Rudolp is a reindeer pulling the Santa Claus carriage that has a red nose. Because it has a cute character and can be applied to make an easy hair band model it is very suitable to be used so that children look adorable. The material needed to make it is enough with soft textured flannelette, glitter cloth. Cut the flannel in two circles. fold it into a half circle. Cut the flannel cloth and the glitter fabric into a deer antler, then make one with glue, a layer of glitter cloth at the top of the flannel. Put it together again with glue for the semicircular fold. For the last accent, give a red glitter ball in the middle.

Ring Bell Hair Bow

Christmas Hair Bows 01


Girls to teens really like to wear hairpins adorned with cloth ribbons. This hairpin is loved all the time and is never boring. You can make these hair clips easily. All that is needed is a red and green cloth ribbon with polka-dot accents and bells. Fold the ribbon in a stacking position and sew the ribbon in the middle so that the results are more exciting, add two bells.

Gingerbread Cute Bow

Christmas Hair Bows 11


One of the foods that are very closely related to Christmas is gingerbread. Gingerbread in the form of humans has become an iconic that is believed to be a drug of love. You can copy this gingerbread model to make hair bands. Just prepare a brown ribbon cloth, some ornaments such as doll eyes, soft fur, red or green ribbon cloth, rhinestone, wool yarn.

Pincess Look

Christmas Hair Bows 10


Turn your daughter into a charming princess on Christmas. Give an elegant look with the addition of this cute hair band. A pile of glitter cloth with a crown cut in the middle will make your daughter’s beauty radiant more enchanting.

Hair Bow Red Green Gold

Christmas Hair Bows 09


Make Christmas colors that are synonymous with red green and gold into creativity to make this hair band. These three colors make a more warm blend of Christmas.

Looking for Christmas hair bows can be difficult and on the last call. But you can make it yourself according to your preferences.



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