11 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Flower Ideas

11 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Flower Ideas
11 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Flower Ideas

Having a wedding in winter requires you to prepare more than other seasons, especially for wedding flowers. The in-season flowers might seem limited in this chilliest time of the year.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your magical and beautiful look of favorite blooms for the wedding. Far from it! Many flowers thrive during winter. So, you can still highlight the natural beauty of the season by selectively arranging the blooms.

Here are some gorgeous winter wedding flowers that you can consider to choose.


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When it comes to an easy-bloom flower in winter, Amaryllis always comes into mind. Although red and white are the most popular colors, the Amaryllis may give you various colors, ranging from pink, orange, yellow, green, and more.

Thus, it eases you to fill up your dreamy winter wedding bouquet with Amaryllis various color options. Besides, the colors are easy to match with greenery and colorful ribbons.


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No one can neglect the beauty of roses in your wedding decorations. Use them either for your table centerpieces or ballroom décor. Garden roses which are well-known for its many petals and large sizes, for instance, are just perfect adornments on guest tables.

For a modern look, use these flowers as the main floral in an arrangement. Don’t forget to pair them with filler flowers and greenery.


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For those who are fans of tinted colors, the Ranunculus is the perfect option. This flower comes in a wide range of colors. Yet, opt for the white one. It will instantly add a soft touch to your bridal bouquet.

To spice up your Ranunculus wedding bouquet, decorate it with dried artichoke and lotus pods. Don’t forget to add some ribbons.

Hypericum Berries

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Although people use Hypericum Berries mostly as the fillers—not as the focal floral, these flowers can work well for any flower arrangement in wedding décor or accessories. For example, you can put them on a dark tuxedo. Then, you’ll get a joyful pop of color boutonniere

Pine Cone

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In addition to conventional flowers or are often used to form a wedding bouquet, you can also try to make a bouquet of flowers or even other objects. One that is not yet the market is a bouquet of flowers from pine cones that you usually encounter on pine trees. The brown color on the pine cone will be more striking and beautiful combined with white roses. Don’t forget to also add green leaves in it.

Calla Lily

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Beautiful flowers shaped like a trumpet, long-stemmed and white is very beautiful to the eye and gives the impression of graceful, sacred and beautiful
The message delivered in a bouquet of calla lily flowers is always to remember the beauty around you. Stick to your sincerity and grace as long as you struggle in the world and conquer life’s challenges. As in having your marriage relationship.

Baby’s Breath

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Baby’s breath flowers signify innocence as shades of white during a wedding, so it is not strange that these flowers are often used as a bouquet or bouquet at a wedding reception and serve as a complement to the event’s decorations. This flower is a trend and is available in every season.


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The bluish purple color that is displayed is the main attraction for the flowers that belong to the Lamiaceae family. Presenting a beautiful figure makes the wedding more memorable.

Flower Bouquet of Cotton

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One wedding bouquet idea that you can try is a bouquet of cotton flowers. Yep, besides dried flowers, you can use cotton as the main highlight of your bouquet. Besides being unique, this is also right for a classic wedding theme, if by chance you choose the theme. If you are planning a classic wedding, a cotton bouquet will bring a softer atmosphere to the wedding. You can also add dried flowers to complement a bouquet of cotton and some butterfly accessories so it doesn’t look boring.

Dahlias, Sola Flowers

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Wedding bouquets are always synonymous with romantic and exotic nuances. Dahlias are beautiful flowers of various colors, ranging from orange, white, purple, red, yellow, to violet. This dahlia flower crown is also a blend of various colors. You can combine it with sola flowers for more beautiful results.

King Potrea

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Flowers are one important component in a wedding decoration in various countries. There are many types of flowers for weddings and you should not be careless in choosing them. Like this potrea, some protea flower varieties make a pleasant background for other flowers that are more striking, while some take the stage as cut flowers.

If those flowers aren’t your types, don’t panic. You can still find many winter wedding flowers. Just prepare yourself to find the most exciting and outstanding one.



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