12 Christmas Makeup Ideas to Copy

12 Christmas Makeup Ideas To Copy
12 Christmas Makeup Ideas To Copy

It is the day! When it comes to a Christmas party, your makeup should not look less than fantastic. You should give it all to look your best and bring out your charm. So, we help you select some Christmas makeup ideas to save your time. Get your makeup bag and sit comfortably in front of a mirror. We’re going to rock your Christmas party!

Bold Lips and Gold Glitter Eyes

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Glitter helps a lot when it comes to creating a sophisticated look. It also helps you mingle with the festivity of Christmas parties. If you are planning on getting so much attention, wear this makeup look.

Red lips are the best bold lips everyone loves. To balance the look, apply a dark eyebrow colour. For the eyes, start by applying brown eyeshadow on your eyelid as the base. Then, top it with gold glitter eyeshadow colour by keeping some brown colour seen. Finish the look by applying your favourite eyeliner.

Dramatic Smokey Eyes with Gold Colour

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Smokey eyes always become one of the stars in this festive season. Because it goes well with any outfit in any party. You can wear this Christmas makeup look if you think other looks need more effort than this.

To get the most of this look, you need to apply eyeshadow primer and base colour beforehand. Then, apply the dark shade of your choice. Don’t forget to apply some on your lower eyelid. Then, finish the look with a touch of gold colour on the inner corner of your eyes. Also, apply a dark colour on your eyebrows.

Matte Eyeshadow Trio

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Yes. As mentioned, you need three eyeshadow colours to achieve this look. Don’t worry; you will look sophisticated because most people will only use one to two colours. However, you need to know how to apply it and match the eyeshadow colour with your outfit.

Start by applying the lightest colour from the inner corner of your eyes to the middle. Then, apply the darker shade from the middle to the outer corner of your eyes. Then, finish the look by blending the dark and the darkest colour on the outer corner.

Stylish Green Eyeshadow Look

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Look beautiful and perfect is a must for women. All aspects to support the appearance must look perfect, ranging from clothing, hair appearance and facial appearance including the eyes, lips, cheeks and others. Especially in the Christmas event that is identical to the color green, you can try to apply it as an eyeshadow, complete with earrings and clothes in green too.

Unicorn Look

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Want a makeup look that shows off your unique and colorful sense of style? If so, this could be perfect for you. Here we have a bright Unicorn eyeshadow look. Pastel colors like pink, light blue to yellow dominate the unicorn’s eyeshadow palette. Super beautiful. If you like to “bewitch” your face using beauty produts, this rainbow and unicorn highlighter product can be rotated with a brush to use all colors or use individually. The pigment granules look smooth when light is shining on the face.

Bold Purple Looks Festival

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The eye is the window to the soul, which is nothing but having an important factor in determining one’s appearance. Including when using makeup. Often the eyes are the elements that are highlighted when makeup. Because with the right eye makeup, the face will become more radiant and look more maximal. Choose a luminous purple eyeshadow with the addition of black eyeliner, do not forget the eyes in giving a touch of bright accents.

Brown Eye Shadow

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In accordance with the Christmas theme that is always nuanced “sparkling and glamorous”, it never hurts you to stand out and look amazing with glamorous makeup applications, especially for Christmas events at night. Glamorous makeup is not difficult to apply. The fairly easy thing to do is to choose your eyes as the center point”of your facial makeup. And Glitter Eye Shadow is enough to represent glamorous and classy face makeup.

Sparkling Glitter

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Christmas moments are sure to be special moments that you can’t just let pass. So that you look more stunning, Choose eyeshadow with a glowing color as your mainstay makeup, you can also use additional glitter if necessary. For lipstick, you should choose a matte lipstick to compensate for the shimmery eyes

Smokey Eyes Look

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The inspiration for a smokey eye makeup look is indeed the right choice for attending an event at night. Apply eyeliner with a little tail at the end. For the base makeup use light brown eyeshadow. then use black eyeshadow from the middle of the eyelid to the outer edge of the eye, and add gold-silver eyeshadow on the inner edge of the eye to the middle. Blend using a brush. For lipstick, you can choose lipstick with nude see you latte color to add a sweet and fresh impression. Don’t forget to add highlights and blush to add color and light to your face.

Fress Color Look

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Eye makeup with a touch of fresh yellow eyeshadow is the right choice for you. For the lid you can apply natural eyeshadow like your skin color. The point of this make up is the striking lower lashline but it still seems dynamic with the choice of yellow.

Glamorous Look  Shimmery

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Christmas, it’s time to look beautiful and special. Christmas is always synonymous with sparkling shades of gold and silver. Likewise with makeup to welcome Christmas later. You can make this look with brown eyesahdow base. Upper lashline with sparkling green color. Add golden silver eyesahdow in the tearduck section and pull to the lower lashline. for the lip color you can use a bright red color.

Stylish Green Light Glitter

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In addition to preparing home decorations and Christmas gifts, don’t forget to prepare clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and of course special makeup. Makeup can make you look more attractive. Especially at Christmas time like this where you will meet many people, of course you want to look different. You only need to use green eyeshadow, for the eyeliner, use glitter to form the eye cat’s end.

Be gorgeous with the Christmas makeup of your choice.


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