13 Ideas of Makeup for Winter that Suits Any Occasions

13 Ideas Of Makeup For Winter That Suits Any Occasions
13 Ideas Of Makeup For Winter That Suits Any Occasions

Once the season changes, you know that it is time to refresh your makeup look. Don’t change it into any look as this festive season needs you to look your best. So, use this chance to bring out your beauty.

There are lots of makeup for winter ideas out there. But you need to choose ones that make your appearance pops. Here are some makeup looks that you can take as inspiration.

Red Lips and Glitter Eyeliner

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Red lips can be bold, but it is okay as long as you team it with a matching outfit and accessories. Besides, glitter eyeliner is perfect to be worn in this festive season. You can wear a red dress or headband. Then, balance the look with dark eyebrows. After applying your black eyeliner, outline it with a thin silver eyeliner. Finish the look with matching eyeshadow colours.

Festive Makeup Look

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Red matte lips are classic, and it never goes outdated. It even looks great in the winter season. It makes your lips pop and helps strengthen your makeup look. Besides, thick and bold eyeliner suit the gold glitter eyeshadow. And you know that gold, silver, and glitter are inseparable ingredients of the festive season, right?

First, apply brown eyeshadow on your eyelid. Then apply the gold glitter eyeshadow for this look of makeup for winter. Add some gold lining to separate brown and gold colours. After putting plenty of your liquid eyeliner, don’t forget to wear fake eyelashes for a dramatic look.

Sparkly Layered Eyeshadows

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If you are invited to a glamorous party, don’t wear makeup less than sophisticated. You have to be bold with your eyeshadows look to help you mingle with the crowd. You can do it by wearing some sparkly eyeshadow.

To create this amazing look, you need several colours that go well with your outfit. Then, prepare sparkly gold and green colours. Apply the sparkly gold colour for the top lashes, then add layers of the eyeshadow colours of your choice. Apply a thin layer of sparkly green colour for the bottom eyelid. As winter is time for dark colours, so use dark eyeliner to complete the look.

Bold Lip Color

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You can present makeup touches that look bold with lipstick colors like red brown. You can emphasize with a touch of eyebrows that look bold when applied. In addition you can also add eyeliner to frame the eyes so that your eye lines look firmer.

Eye Catching with Shimmer Gold

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Orange eyeshadow with shimmer that makes it look like metallic makes your face look elegant. For the lipstick, you can choose a shades of orange nude with a matte texture that lasts longer.

Pretty Pink Magenta

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Beauty trends as if they do not want to be left behind, now many beauty trends are starting to change. For looks that look up-to-date, women always follow beauty trends that make their appearance still look beautiful. Not only fashion that always releases fashion in every season, now makeup also always presents a trend to give a different feel.
Like this one’s makeup look.

You can add a little pink magenta to the tip of your upper eyelid followed by a gradation of a darker color at the end of your eyes. You can put baby pink on the lower eyelid which is then graded with a dark brown peach color at the edges. For the lipstick, choose a soft nude color.

Fall Make up

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Identical winter makeup style is dominated by white color, but it does not mean everything has to be completely white. This brown and beige color can make your appearance not pale and warmer. At first glance, winter makeup style looks easy and does not require much use of makeup. However, if you are not used to dressing yourself, wintermake up style will only make your skin look pale.

Smokey and Sensual

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Want to appear with minimalist makeup, but still look glamorous? Can! Give makeup focus to the lips. Use lipstick with bold colors, such as berry’s, burgundy, or red-win. Finally, apply lip gloss to make the lipstick color look more prominent and pigmented on the lips.To emphasize smokey eyes, apply dark eyeshadow at the bottom of your eyes, use eyeliner and emphasize your eye lines with a black pencil. For eyelashes, you can use mascara that thickens and lengthens eyelashes, or use false eyelashes that look natural, aka not too thick.

Fresh Make up

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Why do you have to choose one color if you can combine the beautiful colors in your eyeshadow palette? The combination of bright eyeshadow colors like bright pink, and light blue seems to be very powerful for hiding your tired eyes.

More Dramatic Makeup

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The use of lipstick in makeup can actually affect your appearance. For a natural impression you can choose soft colors like pink or peach. However, if you want to be the center of attention there is nothing wrong with the occasional use of bright red lipstick that makes your appearance even more pop up. Coupled with beautiful shades of eyeshadow and glitter lines on the crease will enhance your appearance.

Glamorous Gold Eye Makeup

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Glitter is increasingly being used as makeup to create dramatic sparkling effects on the face. To create a bold makeup look, put a fine glitter on the cheeks Or, create a glow effect on the eyelids with intense color eyeshadow with shimmery results.

Stylish Makeup with Sparkle

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Eyes makeup look is quite clear to present the impression of glamor on the face. Use metallic rose gold eyeshadow or any color eyeshadow with the same eyeshadow texture. Others, enhance the color of metallic eyeshadow with soft color lipstick, such as nude for a more elegant impression,

Iluminasi Color

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Want a more simple eye makeup, but still looks unique? Try to copy this one makeup look. Strategic color placement can provide maximum makeup results with minimal effort. Feel free to express the peach and yellow shimmer colors into a refreshing color gradation.

Winter is unlike any other season. You should use lots of dark colours to emphasise the structure of your face. We hope you do well with your makeup for winter.


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