The Best Ideas for Your Valentine Nail Art

The Best Ideas For Your Valentine Nail Art
The Best Ideas For Your Valentine Nail Art

Who’s excited for Valentine Day? If you are in the team, let’s spice up the February 14th with these best ideas of Valentine nail art. For you who already pick best dresses or outfits for the romantic occasion, Valentine nail art will be your ultimate final touch for your plan-to-be-extra-stunning look.

Don’t be too wary about having your nails beautifully polished for Val-Day. It is preferable to have your own DIY nails designs or to have your nails touched up by professional nail artist. Here are some adorable nail art designs that will help you to stand out on February 14th.

Say It Out Loud

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This Valentine nail art is suited for you who are more on DIY nail art, yet this design will bring on the romance. Go simple with choosing one favorite color of yours. Then, using another nail polish color, write “I” on your index finger, heart-shaped on the middle finger, and “U” on your ring finger. This Valentine nail art is the best way to say those three little words: I Love You.

Flowery Nails

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Because most people love flowers, so picking out flower design for your Valentine nail art will be an excellent choice. Apply base color on your nails and then create a floral shape using striper polish. If you don’t have any, you can use nail art brush or toothpick to create the flowery nails art.

Glittery Heart Design

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If you find it difficult to draw flowers on your nails, here’s a much more simple idea for you. Go for a sweet pink on all of your nails then paint a red heart design on both your ring fingers. Choose a glittery nail polish for the heart-shaped design to give a little sparkly, shiny, and shimmery effect.

Candy Stripes Nail Art

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Never underestimate this very old fashion nails design to get a fun and cheerful hip throughout the romantic night. You can use two up to four nail polish colors, and you can either use soft and pastel colors or bold colors that are bright and extremely vibrant for a splash of a brighter you

Red Heart Art Never Die

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It’s incomplete if you spend a Valentine’s day without red heart shape ornaments, right? You can apply it to your nails. Coat your nails with vitamins and base coat first so that your nails are cared for. Then take white nail polish . Choose the red color that most catches your eye’s attention. Then draw a diagonal line to the right and left until it makes the letter ‘V’. After that, trim it to form a concave liver at the top.

Sweet Pink Choco

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Soft pink will make you look cute and classy. So as not to waste, you can add motifs and other colors. To make a strip look like this, use pink and brown nail polish. That way your nails look cute.

Sparkling Heart Beads

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With the impression of clean and minimalist bead accents, will give the impression of increasingly modern nails. To create this style is very simple. Simply apply clear colored nail polish and mix with heart-shaped bead accents on the tips of the nails. Don’t forget to include nail glue so that the beads adhere perfectly.

Ballon of Heart

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If you want to get a pearl-style nail appearance, choose a bright base color with the addition of glitter silver. No need on all nails. You can just create on the right or left side.

Cupid Of Love

The Best Ideas For Your Valentine Nail Art02


The glamorous look with glitter nail polish is also never stale. You can choose a gold base color as a maximum luxurious appearance. Add cupid arrow and heart shaped creations so that the impression of valentine feels more.

Valentine’s Day Ombre

The Best Ideas For Your Valentine Nail Art01


To get nail art with a good color gradation, prepare nail polish in color, soft pink and red. Apply white nail polish to the entire surface of the nail, wait for it to dry. Then use a sponge, take pink nail polish and tap-tap to the nail to form an ombre. After dry, apply heart-shaped accents.

Diamond Sparkles

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This nail appearance is perfect if you want to eat fine dining with your partner on a Valentine’s Day full of surprises. Luxurious impression on the nails can be displayed through sparkles imitation diamond nail art. With the basic color of this red mate will make a glamorous luxurious look when dating Valentine’s Day later.

Rose Blooms

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The color combination that is never wrong between the colors of gold and maroon is always suitable as a choice.
Coupled with rose motifs will enliven your valentine’s day so that more and more fancy

Modern Minimalism Line Art

The Best Ideas For Your Valentine Nail Art08


Try playing lots of pink from the simple to the more stylish nail art motifs without seeming excessive. Like the details of this nails art, with a touch of heart-shaped line motifs but still elegant and eye chatching will make you more fashionable.


Now you have the best ideas for Valentine nail art. Pick one that suit you best and feel better about yourself with the little arty touch on your nails on the Val-Day.


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