12 Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas

12 Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas
12 Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas

One of the best things about planning a wedding is that you can have a million fun activities to design a dreamy wedding cake. Since the wedding cake is the centerpiece of the celebration, you better make it awesome!

When your wedding date falls in winter, incorporating winter touches into your cake design is a smart idea. The seasonal approaches would help your cake look fabulous and enchanting. These winter wedding cake ideas below may inspire you. They feature wintry colors, motifs, and elements.

Simple Frozen Berry Cake

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 12


Frozen fruit add winter vibes to your cake. Though the most popular decorative berry is cranberry, you can still opt for others such as blackberries, raspberries, or cherries. To add the wintry touches, you can cover it with textured icy blue buttercream.

Glamorous Glittery Silver Cake

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 08


Glitter and silver are the two things that blend perfectly together. You’ll love how this combo creates a dazzling and elegant look of a five-tier cake. Add a glittery silver love sign atop so that your cake will be the perfect statement to highlight the wedding theme.

White Icicle Cake

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 07


If you are opting for a winter wonderland cake, you will surely love this cake. Covering a cake with an icicle design totally reflects frozen dripping water in winter, and results in a stunningly whimsical wedding cake. To give the cake more winter touches, color the cake in white and have snowflake adornment atop.

Classic Floral Cake

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 06


For you who love classic, the floral cake will always work. Either it is fondant or real flowers, they will add warmth to a snowy winter wedding cake. Make it more classic in the display by placing the cake on a Birchwood cake stand.

Pine Cones-Shaped Cake

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 03


If a round- or rectangle-shaped cake is too mainstream for you, you can ask your baker to make a unique shape, like a pine cone. Make sure your wedding cake is exactly the same in color and shape as the real one. Use icing sugar as the finishing to give the snow effect of the cake.

Black Wedding Cake

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 05


This black wedding cake tastes to be an attractive alternative. If you feel bored with the classic monotonous wedding cake model that’s all. With the addition of pine cone ornaments, daisies and leaves as if to thicken the winter.

Back To Nature

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 04


This cake appears elegant in green, bringing the concept of back to nature enriched with flower decorations and leaves on it. You can also put green leaves around your cake. Even though it is plain but still rustic and it will be beautiful.

Become Tree Branches

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 02


Cake designs are usually adapted to the wedding theme. Not infrequently because it is considered a wedding cake once in a lifetime, wedding cakes are usually designed to be unique and different than others. Like this wedding cake that is made like one with a tree. Very unusual but if seen to make eye catching anyone.

Dusty Rose

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 01


If you want something different at a wedding reception, presenting a colorful cake can be an alternative way to try. The use of pastel colors such as dusty rose with imitation pearls details and additional flower filling to make the appearance more sweet and elegant.

Must-See Rustic Woodland

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 11


Carved with the initials of your name and partner. This cake is like a real tree. Add some flower ornaments to make it look more beautiful. With a sprinkling of refined sugar as the effect of snow on the tree makes contrast and unique.

Flowers in Every Circle

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 10


In a wedding, the wedding cake becomes one of the center of attention of the guests. Women are synonymous with flowers, that’s why a wedding cake studded with flowers wrapped around the cake is always never disappointing. By adding the right details, this cake looks fancy.

Tiered Cupcake

Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas 09


If usually a wedding cake only has one taste, then modifying the cupcake for this wedding cake will make you not bored to taste it. To not leave the image of the wedding cake, then at the top tier still give a touch of beautiful cake as a sign that the cake is a wedding cake.


With those five ideas of winter wedding cake, you must find something that inspires you. However, if they aren’t yet enough, you can find others on the internet.



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