12 Fancy Winter Wedding Decorations You Need to Know

12 Fancy Winter Wedding Decorations You Need To Know
12 Fancy Winter Wedding Decorations You Need To Know

Picking out winter wedding decorations might be one of the hardest planning pieces that every bride has to take up. The common question that arises is, ‘how do we keep things fresh, modern, or rustic through décor?’ If you aren’t able to answer it, you might need these ideas below. We have rounded up the fanciest wedding decorations for a winter wedding.

Wedding Wreaths for Rustic Look Décor

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Wreaths are not only for the doors. You can use it for your wedding decoration. To give a wintry touch, you need to accessorize it with some winter stuff. For example, pine cones, red ribbons, burlaps, wood slices, and berries.

Place these wreaths next to the ballroom entrance. Or, you can use them as bride and groom wedding chairs’ marker. Hang them on the back of chairs and give signs.

Statement Floral for Traditional Centerpiece

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If you want to keep things in traditional and winter look at once, you can use blooms as a focal décor. Place them in a wooden or glass vase. Arrange in-season or year-round flowers based on their colors and petals to beautify your wedding table or sweet bars.

Garland Aisle for Fresh Look Décor

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Festive garlands are the best wintry touch to your wedding aisle décor. You can lay them on the floor or hang them on the barren tree-lined aisle. Contrast their colors to have a stunning aisle look.

Pine Cones for Chair Décor

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If you usually see pine cones are for wreath or bouquet, now, you need to create something unique from it. Use these pine cones as the guests’ chair accessories. They are not only rustic but also inexpensive.

You can add the chairs’ stunning look by placing some electric light pillar candles next to them.

Tree Stump and Candle for Rustic Entrance Décor

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Love all things rustic? You can have scattered tree stumps and candles as the romantic entrance décor. This décor will not only offer a warm and vintage atmosphere but also turn the guests’ heads when they first enter the wedding ballroom.

Leave out Some Throws for Chilly Guests

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Winter weddings seem to have their own way to calm the heart. Even though the atmosphere is cold, we still have to provide blankets for guests so that guests who come at our wedding stay comfortable. You can decorate the blankets into rolls tied with beautiful ribbons.

Invite Guests to Make a Wish

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On a happy day, there are always prayers that are echoing in the heart. Make the guests participate in making make a wish. Put some golden and maroon colored ball decorations in a box. Later your guests can write their prayers on the ball with a marker.

Pinecone Wedding Cakes for Classy

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Wedding cakes are always not spared in our wedding decorations. Make cake arrangement in four levels. White cake will give a sacred impression in marriage. Give accents such as roots and pine cones that surround the cake. Place it on a Birchwood cake stand that will make a classic impression. Placemat with candles around it.

Natural Aquamarine Ring for Gold Diamond

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The ring is the most important item at the moment of marriage, like the binding of a relationship with a partner. Not complete if the ring is given without the ring box. To choose a ring box to make it look unique, choose the shape of this pentagon. With an acrylic base material will add the impression of luxury. Placemat with some flowers, leaves and cotton in it.

Enchanting Woodland for Set Plate

Fancy Winter Wedding Decorations 09


Want to make your wedding party unforgettable for you or the guests ?, It could be. You have to arrange the decoration of the plate set to be eyechating. Placing birchwood as a pring base and spoon will give an elegant impression. Don’t forget to put some flowers or leaves to make it look fresher. And candles to add value to your decoration set.

Wine Bottles for Number Table

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Don’t forget to pay attention to the small details on your wedding day. Like the decoration of used wine bottles that you can reuse to make table numbers to make it easier for guests to go to their respective tables.

Acrylic Modern Design for Guest List

Fancy Winter Wedding Decorations 07


Still with acrylic, use it as a guest list for your wedding invitation to set their table numbers. Use clear writing to make it easy to read, complete with flower decorations to make it look more classy.


Hopefully, those fancy winter wedding decorations above can inspire you to plan your dreamy winter wedding wonderland.


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