Pretty Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas for Your Special Day

Pretty Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas For Your Special Day
Pretty Winter Wedding Invitation Ideas For Your Special Day

Designing a wedding invitation is as important as your wedding. Wedding invitations are one of the things that can leave an impression on guests about your wedding.  If you want to use a winter theme on your invitation, you can adopt one of these winter wedding invitations ideas.

Minimal Pattern and White Basic; Simple but Pretty

Winter Wedding Invitation 16


No need to add various decoration, try to make white invitation cards with minimal pattern. It’s very simple but still beautiful. To add an elegant touch, use brown rope accents. You can stick the dried pine leaves to add an impression of winter.

Using Recycled Paper

Winter Wedding Invitation 08


You can make wedding invitations using recycled paper. The brown background and the pattern of the recycled paper will give the impression of a primitive winter theme. Make a tree branch accent at the bottom and give white dot pattern around the invitation to give an image like snowfalls.

Foil Vellum

Winter Wedding Invitation 04


A unique way to make your wedding invitation is to use vellum foil paper. The material is lightweight and transparent, different from ordinary paper. To be more patterned give a floral motif to make it look sweet. This suite harnessed the essence of a snowy winter morning beautifully. Delicate vellum envelopes, elegant white calligraphy, deckled-edge paper, and white wax seals were each beautiful on their own.

Rustic Wooden

Winter Wedding Invitation 03


The invitation theme includes a combination of contemporary and vintage tones to balance the two colors so they fall into softness and warmth. Elements that you can add to make it look more creative with burlap, bring a rustic feel more thick.

Elegan Transparent Stationery

Winter Wedding Invitation 01


Burgundy, gold tones make an upbeat wedding combo. With an acrylic material inscribed with gold ink is enough to exude luxury and elegance. Paired with a burgundy color envelope, this invitation looks cute and attractive. This design combines with many floral motifs that emphasize the color of the palette.

Shiny Gold Stationery

Winter Wedding Invitation 15


Gold and dark green tones somehow give the impression of royalty to whatever they are applied to. This color combination is perfect for traditional wedding. Moreover, plus the envelope carrying the classic design with a gold-patterned flower as well, the stronger it will be thick to the glamoran.

Leaf Arch and Bow

Winter Wedding Invitation 12


In detailed illustrations, the text inside is simply designed to make the two balance each other, ensuring one does not dominate the other. A little pastel colored arch and handlattering-style writing sweeten the look of your wedding invitation. Give the last touch with a matching colored ribbon.

Botanical Modern

Winter Wedding Invitation 11


You can find a suitable theme by using a simple theme, simple but looks modern. Select and combine invitations with the background of these flowers into beautiful, beautiful and elegant invitations. With a combination of vellum foil and wax seal combination, your wedding invitation will be very memorable.

Blue Navy Gate

Winter Wedding Invitation 07


With laser cut techniques that carve patterns to form as if a gate, complete with trellises and patterns. This navy blue color will make your invitation card seem luxurious and elegant.

Rustic Forest

Winter Wedding Invitation 10


The antimainstream wedding invitation design is in the form of a stack of vintage-style paper sheets tied with a small string, to make it look more unique and attractive. if you want a unique invitation, inspire this invitation you can use. Even more so if you take a vintage theme.

Mountain Wedding

Winter Wedding Invitation 02


This beautiful illustration looks even more beautiful with the application of very good colors. If you are looking for something different. This color succeeded in making the color toweric. Blends perfectly with not too much that can mess up the design.

Moody Deep Color

Winter Wedding Invitation 09


Especially if the writing on the invitation card uses cursive or curved types. deep colors. This unique design works every part not only because it is as unique but a combination of deep colors that are compatible. This deep design is best suited to emphasize the handwriting used.

Icy Tree Branches from sparkling Foil

Winter Wedding Invitation 14


Use foil to make those winter wedding invitations sparkling. Make a tree branch image pattern and stick foil on top of it—and voila! You get the impression of icy tree branches. Just add your name and the brides or groom with pretty typography beside it, and you’ll get your beautiful, elegant winter wedding invitation.

Gray and Blue as Color Palette

Winter Wedding Invitation 06


Use light gray and blue colors as the base color palette, also diagonal and hexagonal triangular patterns as decoration of snowflakes. It will make your winter-themed wedding invitations beautiful with a frosty, icy impression. You can seal the invitation using wax seal stamp to make it elegant, beautiful, and seems magical like a fairy tale.

Snowflake Invitation

Winter Wedding Invitation 05


Use the laser cutting technique by cutting or punching holes in the media to form a pattern like a neatly cut snowflake. This look will bring luxury and elegance. The material used also uses materials that are not easy to damage. In addition you can add accessories or cover paper so that the laser cut pattern is getting stronger.


These are the winter wedding invitations that can inspire you. You can freely decorate your wedding invitation, but don’t forget the most important thing; invitations are made to convey clear information about who is getting married, where, and when the wedding day takes place. So, which one is your favorite?


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