13 Beautiful Winter Wedding Bouquets You’ll Love

13 Beautiful Winter Wedding Bouquets You’ll Love
13 Beautiful Winter Wedding Bouquets You’ll Love

Even in the coldest weather, your wedding deserves to be full of warmth and romance. What better way to bring charm to your nuptials than with charming winter wedding bouquet? From floral-based to fruits-based bouquets, there are always great options for the brides-to-be and bridesmaids. Read on for five beautiful bouquet ideas that will catch every guests’ eyes.


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You might find this floral bouquet as the most commonly used one since people are always the big fans of fresh flowers. Besides, this bouquet type is also a way of preserving traditional wedding values.

Make your wedding bouquet adorable. How? By artistically arranging various flowers, fillers, and greeneries. For example, you can choose ranunculus, tulips, sweet peas, and lily.

French Beads

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The trendy beads can definitely make their ways into your winter wedding bouquet. It is undoubtedly a revolutionary idea to impress everyone on your wedding day. You only need to find someone—and it can be yourself—who is crafty enough to turn the beads into a flower-like bouquet. Find colorful and shimmering beads, and don’t forget to accessorize them with the ribbon.

Cotton Balls

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What best reflects snow and winter than cotton balls? Besides, its striking white color turns heads as you walk in. Using them as your bridal bouquet is something fun, unique, and inexpensive. To add a more impressive look, you can accessorize them with feathers or burlaps.


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This kind of bouquet is an unconventional yet undeniably enchanting one. The pearls’ natural colors such as white, ivory, or rose gold will look good in pictures. Just remember not to throw your pearls bouquet since they are heavy yet pricey.


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Don’t overthink it! Carry simple branches of fresh fruit for the most extravagant look of a wedding bouquet. Grapes, oranges, and apples are just perfect options for this bouquet. However, don’t use too many fruits as your bouquet because it will be quite heavy to hold.

Also, avoid berries because they may stain. You must not want to discolor your once-in-a-lifetime wedding dress.


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The wedding bouquet must not only be with original flowers, paper creations made as a handle for the aisle, without fear of wilting these paper flowers will last a long time.

Organza Details

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Organza ribbons are made of organza fabric which has an elegant and delicate appearance. This ribbon forming material is usually made of polyester and nylon, there are even organza ribbons made of silk. The use of organza is very broad, starting from giving accents to the flower bouquet. Organza ribbons used for crafts are light and thin, yet versatile and durable.

Pine Cone Wreath and Topiar

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In addition to relying on unique souvenirs and invitations, you can use a different wedding bouquet, just choose from these pine cone wreath and topiar ingredients. Here is a simple yet creative way to make a wedding and a hat using gift by nature. And best of all, it gives a vintage look and smells great, by adding raw coffe beans as embellishments.

Silk Sensation

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You can be creative at will and make your bouquet different from other brides. With satin or silk material it will add a luxurious modern impression. This bouquet can be sweetened with small pearls. it’s not wrong to want the best for this special day celebration

Ornament Bouquet

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Be creative by combining appropriate accessories and of course an attractive composition with the addition of ribbons, your wedding bouquet will definitely not be forgotten. when in the grip your appearance will be more charming.

Feather Wedding Bouquets

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No less beautiful, you can use feathers as a bouquet of your wedding flowers, besides the unique ingredients you can play a more unique and flowy arrangement. With a minimalist appearance that will still look elegant

Copper Bouquet

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Most brides use flowers as their flagship bouquet, but if you want to look different, try making a bouquet made from copper. Shape it like a nosegay bouquet and don’t forget to add a few beads, this flower bouquet will impress the invited guests

Brooch Bouquet

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The beauty of the brooch does not hurt you to use. Use a variety of unique brooch motifs with matching colors and then assembled with wire to form nosegay. With a combination of flowers made of shiny satin creates a beautiful and elegant flower bouquet.

Get inspired by those five beautiful ideas of winter wedding bouquet? All you need to do is to select one idea that you feel right for winter and your taste.


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