Top 11 Winter Wedding Centerpieces for 2019 Trends

Top 11 Winter Wedding Centerpieces For 2019 Trends
Top 11 Winter Wedding Centerpieces For 2019 Trends

Despite the cold, winter is a truly romantic time for a wedding. If you are hosting your wedding this winter, you should have decided on your wedding table décor design. Yet, if you haven’t, consider these top five winter wedding centerpieces ideas below. From gorgeous blooms to non-floral elements, they will instantly impress your guests.

Frozen Red Rose Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece11


Since it’s freezing outside, it will be a good idea to bring rose in as your wedding décor. You can place a single red rose frozen in an ice block. Remember, only pick a medium-sized ice block, so it doesn’t block the guests’ views. Besides, put this centerpiece on a cooling plate so that it will stay frozen until the end of the event.

Snowball Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece08


If you aren’t lucky enough to have snow on your wedding, you can create it with white cotton. Use the cotton snowball as one of the winter wedding centerpieces. You can create some snowballs in different sizes and adorn them with silver glitter to show the shimmering winter on your table.

Wood Log Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece07


Wood logs can be another alternative to adorn your wedding table. Accessorize them with greeneries, candles, and garlands. They will never fail to display a charming and rustic wedding table.

Barren Tree Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece06


What displays a gorgeous winter look than a barren tree? The leafless tree on the wedding table can give a unique statement. If you want to give a touch of an intimate warmth, you can have a small lantern around the barren tree.

All-White Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece05


This idea might be the simplest and the most effective winter centerpiece decor. You only have to decorate the wedding table with all-white elements. For example, you can opt for orchids, white roses, pieces of cotton, white ribbons, or candles. They are not only simple but also inexpensive details to find.

Burgundy Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece04


Talking about the concept of a themed wedding party, it feels harmonious when packaging it with a burgundury nuanced decoration display, besides giving the impression of being simple, warm, and simple, but also still elegant.

A Lush Textural Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece03


Beautiful and beautiful so as to make the guests feel at home for long at your wedding. Modern centerpieces shades of green with gold accents to the surrounding objects. This simple and natural concentration will never be separated from your memory.

An Elegant Tall Floral Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece02


Simple and does not need a lot of excessive decoration, looks simple but memorable. Making centerpieces that captivate the eyes on the table..

A Simple and Cozy Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece01


The selection of centerpieces at a wedding party gives a touch of magic that makes wow the whole room. Don’t forget to add a soft color flower element as one of the beautiful decorative elements

Ostrich Feathers Decorative Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece10


Want to juggle your wedding centerpieces so they look luxurious? try to imitate the addition of Ostrich Feathers Decorative. Ostrich Feathers’ appearance attracts wedding decorations that give a luxurious impression to every table decoration.

Paper Flower Winter Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Centerpiece09


An interesting arrangement can give its own impression to be able to complete the overall party decoration. The use of paper flowers as a centerpiece you can also consider with the existing budget, because it is cheaper than using original flowers that must keep it from wilting during the wedding.

Well, those are the top five winter wedding centerpieces for 2019 trends for you. You can pick one of them if you feel it reveals your dream of the wedding decorations. But, you need to be wise for the budget, too.


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