Chic Short Hairstyle for Women You Can Follow

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women You Can Follow
Chic Short Hairstyle For Women You Can Follow

Short hairstyle for women offers effortless simplicity. All you need to do is to adjust your short hairstyle for the occasion that you’ll attend. Formal meeting or party requires you to look professional and clean, so formal outwear and minimalist hair accessories can be your solution to pair with your short haircut. Meanwhile, the casual or daily look is even more fun for experiments in styling your updo.

Get inspired with our recommendation on chic short hairstyle for women you can copy below.

Blunt Bob

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 11


Blunt bob is perfect for taking you at almost any occasion you have. This timeless short hairstyle for women keeps being many people’s favorite pick. This haircut will work your formal meeting with your professional attire and it also looks great with denim you wear on a casual afternoon walk with friends.

Bob with Beachy Waves

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 08


If you’re currently into wavy effect on your updo, try to have bob with beachy waves. It’s also brilliant that this hairstyle could surprisingly make you look younger. Your fresh look will be showcased on any occasion that you’ll attend. A leather jacket and a T-shirt will be perfect for your afternoon stroll in this updo. If you go for a party, a simple pearl hairpin can enhance your wavy bob look.

Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 07


The pixie cut is one of the top picks for your search on short hairstyle for women. This haircut is forever loved as it could totally work for many women to boost up their look. Pixie cut with side bangs can be your alternative if the basic cut is dull for you. You can put on a simple hair accessory to level up your hairstyle at a party. A subtle hair bronzer can also work, too.

Braids and Curls

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 01

Braids and curls are alternatives to take in short hairstyle for women. Braids are typically worth your energy to establish your elegance in a rustic wedding party. Straight or curly, your short hairstyle will be ready to pamper everyone’s eyes.

Medium Water Wavy

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 06


This hair style is quite simple, but still gives the impression of elegance. Simply cut hair to shoulder length, give a little touch of volume. So that the impression of a thicker vintage you can create a wavy effect by using a roll or curling iron. Give a little hair cream to keep it neat throughout the day

Shaggy Lob

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 05


Basically shaggy haircut like this does look simple, you just need to give a rather shabby impression with shaggy pieces. However, hair with this model can be an option for those of you who have thin wavy hair and an oval face shape.

Sci-fi Bob

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 04


This short haircut can only be applied by you with an oval face. This short haircut with a blend of pixe cut and under cut styles does indeed look very edgy and not everyone will deserve and feel confident. However, if your face is oval, don’t be afraid, you will definitely look good with this cut.

Faux Hawk

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 03


Short hairstyle that suits you, the tomboy. To form a faux hawk style, arrange both sides of the hair using hair gel or simply pinch it with a bobby pin. This little haircut is given a touch of layer to give a stylish effect.

Graduated Bob

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 02


This short haircut has a slightly shorter back than the front and sides. Often known as an inverted bob. It is suitable for you who have full cheeks, because it can give a thin effect on the face.

Vintage Curls

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 10


Have an important event on the weekend? You can try classic and elegant vintage hairstyles. It’s easy, use a large roll or curling iron. This hairstyle is a concern after several Hollywood celebrities wear this type of hair style.

Bowl Cut

Chic Short Hairstyle For Women 09


As the name implies, this one haircut is cut like a bowl. When viewed closely, women who have hairstyles like this seem eccentric and edgy. But make no mistake, this hairstyle can add its own charm.

Hopefully, our recommendation on short hairstyle for women would help you elevate your look into another level.


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