Best Known Hairstyle for Men to Get Masculine

Best Known Hairstyle For Men To Get Masculine
Best Known Hairstyle For Men To Get Masculine

To look masculine, hairstyle for men is one strong factor. Classic or modern, every man has each style for a haircut as everyone has different hair type. Thus, one man’s cut can be different from another. Try to pair your hairstyle with outwear that’ll be perfect for the situation you are in. You can apply pomade, gel or wax on your hair, but remain considering your hair type as not all hair type works for them.


Here are several top picks on hairstyle for men to get masculine.


Short Messy Hair

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If wildlife and adventure is your best friend, short messy hair can be a total bomb to get your look ass-kicking. The hairstyle for men is favorable to enjoy a stroll with friends, to go to campus, or to go for an adventure. This cut effortlessly works for wavy hair type. If you’ve got straight hair, don’t worry. You can apply pomade to go for this look.

Clean, Professional Haircut

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A clean, professional haircut implausibly levels up your masculinity. If you go for a formal meeting or a glam party, this clean haircut can be the best to offer. Pair it with a tux suit and leather shoes and be fully ready to charm everyone on the floor.

Shaved Sides with Beards

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Shaved sides haircut is still hyped. Pick the best cut for you by considering the hair type you’ve had and the hair length you want. Many men are still falling into beards to boost up their masculinity. Pairing beards with shaven sides hairstyle is the best chance to enhance the updo. Style your haircut with pomade, gel and wax to earn the best effect you can get.

The Classic Pompadour

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A big fan of Elvis Presley? Classic pompadour must ring you a bell. The idea of a classic pompadour allows you to have sweeping hair upwards from the face. What makes it unique is that it is worn high above the forehead. It will make a pomp effect on your updo. By applying this cut, getting classy yet dazzling is no longer impossible for you.

Curly Hair with Hard Side

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In this year many short male hairstyles are popping up that are varied, cool and also trendy. The model is very hits among urban men. Curly hair model with hard side
It is suitable for men who like hair volume. This haircut will fit those of you who have curly hair texture. At the bottom, the hair is shaved with an undercut model and the top is left long.

Jewfro Hairstyles

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It doesn’t have to always seem sweet, men who want to look masculine like they can take inspiration from this jewfro cutout model. Usually this piece is perfect for you who have curly hair. You just make it seem disheveled but still structured.

Classy Long Hairstyle

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Not only women, men can also have long haircuts. Shoulder-length pieces will make you look more extreme and masculine with the beard. Natural hair color and firm comb, would be suitable for the type of serious man.

Undercut Blondes

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The development of hair models with undercut models was popular some time ago, still a role model and excellent appearance. It feels like it will never make you die in style. Undercut hair models are still the most popular nowadays and become one of the iconic hairstyle trends among men.

Buzz Cut

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Buzz cut is a short haircut that has a characteristic hair that has a thin cut. Usually this model is used by members of the military. Adjust to ensure the face and head shape of this hairstyle is fairly simple, simple, fresh and practical.


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For those of you who want to look more masculine and cool, this quiff man’s short haircut can perfect the owner of an oval face. Because oval faces that tend to elongate make quiff hairstyle more visible. This hairstyle makes it easy for you to manage.

Disconnect Undercut

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If you already have a men’s hairstyle like this does not mean you can leave it alone. You have to be able to arrange it well in order to get maximum attractive results. Disconnect undercut is also a type of one of the undercut pieces which is not easy, so those who do it must be really reliable.

Patterned Fade

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Talking about patterned fade hairstyles is very unique, because the lines on the hair can be a value of masculinity. This hairstyle is a fade that forms a pattern. It is better to make a pattern that is neither too complex nor too simple. Because if it’s too simple, your hairstyle will look like hump.

Curtain Cut

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Definitely not familiar with the middle haircut or the so-called curtain haircut. Even though it looks simple, to get curtain haircut, you have to grow your hair until it is thick.


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