Simple yet Exquisite Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid Dress Ideas
Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Having a perfect wedding with beautiful dresses is every woman’s dream. One part of a wedding that can sometimes give us a headache is determining the dress for your bridesmaid. As much as we want to be as accommodating as possible, our girls often have different ideas of what constitute good bridesmaid dresses for them.

This article attempts to provide insights to future brides about bridesmaid dresses that will instantly receive nods from their bridesmaid. They are not only simple but exquisite to wear and look at.


Mixmatched Skirts and Shoes

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If traditional bridesmaid dresses commonly suggest uniformed style and color from head to toe, this one does otherwise. You can experiment with color. Why not having your bridesmaids wear a similar colored top with different tones of skirt and shoes?

Not only does it give a colorful touch, but this idea also highlights your bridesmaids’ presence without dimming the charm of the bride due to the casual tone of the dress. This bridesmaid dress can be your alternative to color your wedding.

Floral Pants

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Don’t be alarmed with the idea of wearing pants for your bridesmaid. When people say bridesmaid dresses, your thought might directly envision pretty gowns dangling on the body.

However, pants can be pretty, too, especially that with beautiful floral prints and calm colors. Pair them up with a simple white top, then voila! Your girls will look incredibly stunning!

Uniformed Two-Piece

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Uniformity in bridesmaid dresses can solve loads of issues such as model, color, and fabric selection. It prevents you from having an extra headache as you have one less thing to think about at your wedding day. However, this dress takes the concept of uniformity to the next level.

What if you dress both your bridesmaids and groomsmen the same way? Is that even possible? Of course! White shirt and black pant combination is a universal combo dress for every formal occasion. Adding cute butterfly tie, your bridesmaids and groomsmen are ready to grace the wedding carpet.

Boho Chic Bougainvillea

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Clothing worn on a wedding day must be carefully thought out. Besides brides and family clothes, you also need to think about bridesmaids uniforms. Bridesmaid’s dress that looks special will certainly make your party also more lively. This boho dress model will make your body shape more proportional. In addition, to give the impression of a feminine and elegant, you can choose a dress with floral motifs.

Dusty Blue Bridesmaid

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For the impression of semi-glamor, a dress with a length to dangle to the ground is really suitable for day and night. The touch of brocade doesn’t look too crowded but still classy and luxurious lace decoration on it makes you look more on point. You can choose soft colors to make it look fresh and elegant. day. Especially for outdoor events, stylish dresses like this will make you look beautiful.

High Neck with Side Split

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N03


For you who want to look simple but still look classy, you can use party clothes like the dark emerald green above. The emerald green color of this latest party dress will make your appearance look classy without exaggeration. The halter neckline style looks elegant when combined with a side split that shows your long legs. With this dress you will look effortless stunning.

Mermaid Ombre Sequined

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N02


Do not hesitate to show off your curves using a mermaid model party dress. Because the mermaid dress has a style that fits in the body up to the knees and widened down precisely in the legs. In addition, the halter neckline and sleveeless models on this one dress will also make your shoulders look more beautiful. This one dress model will be very suitable for you to use at night because the sparkling sequins effect will be very beautiful at night.

Classic and Simple

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N01


For you who are looking for a minimalist but charming dress, the blue dress above will be very suitable for you to use. This blue party dress will accentuate your slim waist and v neck that isn’t too wide. dress will perfect your appearance.

Open Shoulder Tea Length Gold

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N09


This one dress will fall beautifully wrapped in your body because of its lightweight material. Make sure your party dress is below knee length and not too long to touch your ankles. This will make your appearance look fresher and not full.

Rose Gold V-Neck Split

Simple Yet Exquisite Bridesmaid N04


The dress model above will be very suitable for you who have a lean body with tiered legs. The color is rose gold with satin fabric will make you look elegant. Especially in the skirt of your legs that will stand out prominently with a fairly high slit on the dress. This one party dress style will also make you look more attractive with long sleeves and v-neck models that are quite low.

What do you think, fellas? Hope you like those bridesmaid dresses as much as we do in recommending them to you.


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