Choose the Right Korean Women Fashion for You

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion For You
Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion For You

Korean fashion is still trending and following its fashion has never gone wrong. Picking the right one can surprisingly be easy for almost any occasion you’ll attend. The key features of Korean women fashion are typical to look effortlessly cute, natural, yet casual. You can combine your hairdo, makeup, outfit and shoes with Korean-inspired theme to go that way.

Here we recommend some hot picks on Korean women fashion you can follow.

Casual Blazer

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Looking for a functional fashion item that’ll go for both formal and informal occasions? Go for a casual blazer. The casual design would fit your look in an afternoon walk with friends or an office meeting. Korean women fashion normally goes with simple and basic colors, so you can pick yours in black, brown, beige or grey that’ll match your performance.

Nude Color Pallet

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Korean women fashion almost always works with natural colors. Soft brown, pink or peach dominate the fashion items in Korean wave. As bold colors are normally avoided, the nude color pallet is often considered to give the younger, fresher, and more adorable look. Simply adjust your makeup color pallet with the outfit you’ll wear.

Oversized Outfit

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Going edgy yet casual is hyped in Korean women fashion, and it can be earned through an oversized outfit. You can pick an oversized blazer to go for a formal meeting or to go to campus. Or else, you can opt for a plus size jumper, sweatshirt or T-shirt to look more casual for daily use. Pair your favorite with sneakers or booties, and off you go!

Sporty Look

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When you’re not currently into feminine style in Korean women fashion, opt for a sporty look. You can simply grab a baseball cap, wear natural makeup, and put on your oversized sweatshirt and ripped jeans. Alternatively, you can swap the sweatshirt with a basic T-shirt and a denim jacket. Don’t forget about sneakers, to

Linen Skirt

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This striped top can make you look cute. Most striped shirts have only two neutral colors, like white and black, white and gray, or white and blue. If combined with a long black or neutral culottes. This motif is very commonly worn by Korean society and later it became one of the characteristics to be found in Korean dramas or worn by idols.

Skinny Jeans Pants

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Other pants that are quite popular to be used by Korean women are jeans with skinny or tight models. These model pants will greatly shape the feet of the user. So that if used with a loose top, it can really attract the attention of anyone who sees it.

Off-shoulder Blouse

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This clothing model makes the shoulders of women will make the focus of your style. Off-shoulder clothing models can also give a feminine and sexy feel as well as plain at the same time. Solid match from this clothing model can be done by choosing a color that makes it in line with subordinates.

Laced Blouse

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Lace is a lace material that displays transparent sides when used on the hands or shoulders. Dress with this model is selling well in the market now. Shoe styles that should be used to complement your style with laced blouse are beautiful and attractive flat shoes. The use of laced blouse also gives a special impression.

Ruffled Collar Blouse

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This girly collar is a mainstay for Korean women’s fashion who want to look feminine and sweet. You can mix and match these tops with and high heels. This clothing model is easy to mix and match and still show the beauty of its users. The impression of a blouse or dress with a ruffled accent is very luxurious and charming.

Tank Top Slip Dress

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This model is a female canal model with spaghetti straps. This one strap dress is very popular to use today. Most women use it with deep white plain shirts during casual events that can make you look fresher. For a more feminine style, you can use a mini handbag and sandals for your cool casual style.

Roll-up Jeans Pants

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Some models of pants that are currently being warmly used in Korea are jeans made with the bottom of the pants folded out. The model, known as the roll-up jeans pants, is perfect for displaying the trendy and adorable style of a woman. You can combine large-sized sweaters according to the style that makes you comfortable. Reinforce your Korean style by wearing shoes, complete with socks.

Mesh Dress

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This type of dress is a transparent dress and can not be used without the inner part. Choose a neutral inner color and plain patterned to not collide. You can also combine mesh dresses with hot pants. This dresh mesh model is popular in the fashion world.

Boyfriend Jeans Pants

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Women who want to have a slightly tomboyish style can choose this type of subordinate to complement whatever type of boss is used. The use of these pants can increase the tomboyish aura of a woman. Covered stylish with boyfriend jeans pants suitable for casual style lovers. Pair with a white shirt for a neutral impression but still look neat. To maximize this style this type of pants is also comfortable to use in various activities.

See, it’s effortless to look awesome in Korean women fashion. Have a try and bedazzling as you go!


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