11 Brilliant Ideas for Plus Size Women Fashion

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size Women Fashion
11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size Women Fashion

Confidence might become a challenge for plus size women. Don’t worry. All you need is to mix and match your outfit to look great carefully. In choosing the preferred plus size women fashion, you can surely play with pattern, texture, and cutting for experiments. Remember not to pick outfits that are too tight as they would share you no comfort.

Here is our recommendation on plus size women fashion you can copy.

Floral-Patterned Overall Dress

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Going vibrant with the floral-patterned overall dress is perfect for plus size women fashion. For a starter, the dark-nuanced floral overall dress can be an option. However, if you want to go on another level, go for a bright yellow or red one to establish your confidence.

Knee-High Boots

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Picking elegant footwear for plus size women fashion is not that hard. Just choose a pair of knee-high boots that’ll not only exhibit your grace but also offer comfort for your afternoon walk. Simply pick pumps in monochrome colors, like black, grey or brown. The materials you can pick are faux leather, suede, and fur. They’ll brilliantly make you look sophisticatedly trendy, too!

Cape Blazer

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Texture and cutting in your outfit can be earned through a faux leather cape blazer. You can put on a basic T-shirt beneath it for your casual, daily look. Or else, you can wear an overall monochromatic dress before your blazer cape to go to a party. Surprisingly, you can also wear a cape blazer that’ll give you a chic look for a formal meeting.

Belt and Stripes

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There is nothing more functional than the combination of belt and stripes. The belt is one prominent accessory in plus size women fashion. It’s brilliant how a belt can level up your look and allow you to look amazing. Vertical stripe pattern also works, too. Picking an overall dress with vertical stripes can make you look taller.

Fringe and Lace Ups

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Having a body plus size sometimes has its own problems, such as in choosing a daily outfit. The myth that details such as fringe and lace ups will focus on undesirable areas must be straightened out immediately.
To note, in wearing a blend of fringe and lace ups with a plain top to make you look more simple and sleek.

Tutu Tulle A Line Skirt

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Choose feminine tops with minimalist details. But the existence of sweeteners such as shoulder detail, can make you look slimmer. Wearing bright clothes in blue and soft pink tulle tutu subordinates, it still looks fashionable and beautiful as long as we remain confident. But remember to prioritize comfort in clothing, do not force wearing an outfit that makes you uncomfortable.

Break My Stride Dress

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Instead, show your curves by wearing clothes that elevate your body shape. One way to mix and match black dress with white angkle boots can be an inspiration. You can also add a belt to give the illusion to your body, especially the hips and abdomen, not just by using loose formless clothes. Choose a black belt to match and look modest. The use of a belt with the same color as clothing also makes the effect of slimming instantly.

Faux Fur Trim Cardigan

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The combination of pants and black tops can be an inspiration. The choice of dark colors gives the illusion of a leaner looking body. So that the appearance is not boring and not stiff, add accent boots with high heels.

Military Pattern

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Even though you have a fat body, it doesn’t mean you can’t use clothes with busy motifs. Jumsuit with military motif can give a beautiful appearance and disguise your body shape. The size of the motif should not be too small or not too big.

Cargo Pants

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As women who have a plus size body, often we have problems to find clothes that fit our body size. Cargo pants is one of the outfits that is currently being hit among Fashionistas. Besides being comfortable, cargo pants will also cause a level effect on the legs. You can combine it with a plain white shirt and ankle peep toe boots that make you look more trendy.


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Who says big size woman is not suitable to use jumpsuit? Choose monocrome colored jumpsuit to make the body appear slimmer. . Then, mix it with high heels to make it look more edgy.

Those are ideas on plus size women fashion. Set your preference and be fully confident as you walk.


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