Try These 10 Long Hairstyles Inspirations for a Date Night

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles Inspirations For A Date Night
Try These 10 Long Hairstyles Inspirations For A Date Night

It’s been a week, and finally, your dream date night is in sight. Unfortunately, you haven’t decided what to do with your hair to impress your Mr Perfect. Are you still confused about which style to pick? Now, gear up, girls! Creating the perfect long hairstyles isn’t that challenging if you know which look to copy.


If you’re aiming to get that romantic ending by the end of your night, here are the trendiest, most spectacular hairdo that you can choose to wing your big day.

Elegant Side Swept Hairstyle

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles 10


What could be more elegant than a seductive sweep of your luscious hair? Considered as one of the perfect long hairstyles for date night, get ready to get all close and flirty with him through your flowing curls.

Curly High Ponytail Hairstyle

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles 07


A fun, chic hairstyle for a date night, the long hairstyles are suitable for those with medium to long hair. The high ponytail creates a beautiful line of your shoulder and back, perfectly combined with a low back or shoulderless dress.

Low Side Bun with Hairband Accent

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles 06


If you’re someone who wants to keep things simple and clean, opt for this low side bun long hairstyles for that flawless look. You can pair it with a matching headband and let your curls set loose to amaze the Mr Perfect.

Classy Bouffant Bun

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles 05


Totally getting that classic look, this bouffant bun is something not to be missed when dressing up for a date night. The long hairstyles are versatile to combine, whether it’s a braid or a headband. Additionally, make sure to pick on a statement earring to complement the look.

Loose Weave with Parting

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles 04


A fresh look for the special night, pair your medium or long hair with this parted loose weaves. You can either part it on the side or central, based on your preference.

Flower Braid Hairstyles

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles 02


Have an agenda for attending special events like a date night with your partner? Try to tie her heart with the look of your sweet hair style. You just make braids on both sides then form like a rose behind your head.

Slay Your Messy-Bun

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles 01


Almost the same as the previous hairdo, but if here the two side braids are formed into a small bun. This hairstyle will accompany you on a special night.

Curly Bang

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles 08


Want to be different from your long hair on a very special day ?. Try to make all your hair curly, make sure your bangs are right above the eyes. Besides being unique, this model still gives a feminine impression to your appearance.

Bubble Ponytail

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles 09


Styling your long hair with a touch of this bubble ponytail you can apply very easily. Besides being neat, this style is also quite unique because it resembles a bubble. You can make up to three bubbles in your long hair.

Volume Express

Try These 10 Long Hairstyles 03


For those of you who have thin hair, don’t worry about styling it because you can make tricks to make it look volume with the top of your hair. You will be surprised at the volume you get, besides adding a perfect touch of luxury it also gives a simple classic style.

With the seemingly endless variations of style, the long hairstyles will never go out of trend. Make sure to pick one that suits you best and get ready to sweep him off of his feet!


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