Freshen and Man Up Your Look with 15 Modern Men Short Hairstyles Ideas

Freshen And Man Up Your Look With 15 Modern Men Short Hairstyles Ideas
Freshen And Man Up Your Look With 15 Modern Men Short Hairstyles Ideas

Many ways for guys show that you care about your appearances, too; one of which is through a haircut. After all, a haircut couldn’t possibly be any complicated than selecting a hairstyle and waiting for a chop, right?

While it’s right, you also need to note that there is a wide variation of short men hairstyles you can cater to. Since the world now prefers knife-sharp cut rather than 80s vintage hairstyles, here are some of the trendiest short men hairstyles you can bring to your next barber appointment.

Classic Side Part

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The classic of all short men hairstyles out there, the side part hairstyle has been around for decades, and it seems that the hype won’t go down any sooner. It is versatile, convenient, and makes you look sophisticated.

Trendy Top Fade

Freshen And Man Up Your Look 08


Used by many famous celebrities such as Zayn Malik, the top fade hairstyle is a sleek, modern turnover of the classical side part. The hairstyle will keep your hair long enough to style, but not too long it looks unprofessional.

Modern Quiff

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The dapper galore of short men hairstyles, a quiff hairstyle looks best on any style and worn by any age. You can part it sideways, backways, and even make it a little bit messy for a trendy look.

Stylish Textured

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If you have thick hair, opt for a textured short men hairstyle to make it appear slimmer. Those who have a round, square or oval face shape also suit this style best.

Youthful Angular Fringe

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A famous hairstyle among boys in 2015, the angular fringe accentuates your youthful qualities and creates a modern and clean feel. The haircut is thick on the center with both thinner sides. Additionally, it is versatile and compatible with any face shape.

Line Up FadeFreshen And Man Up Your Look 04


This hairstyle is a fade that forms a pattern. Make a pattern that is not too complicated so that it looks neat. But don’t be too simple either because it can make you look like a hunchback.

Razor Fade with Pompadour

Freshen And Man Up Your Look 14


This pompadour or crested hairstyle that is never timeless is perfect for you who have straight hair. This hair style is considered modern and also classy. This model is unique with a thin cut on the side, and leaves a lot of hair at the top.

Messy Hairstyle

Freshen And Man Up Your Look 12


This messy hairstyle is suitable for you who want to give the appearance of a wild look. The characteristics of the pieces seem messy but still look masculine and elegant. This model is suitable for men with triangular face shapes.

Temple Fade Haircut

Freshen And Man Up Your Look 09


This temple fade can be an inspiration to replace the haircut line up. You only need to cut the right and left sides of the hair. Hair with models like this not a few who like it, in addition to making the man look cooler, this hair can also be applied from various types of hair.

Tight Tapered Cut With Long Side Swept Top

Freshen And Man Up Your Look 02


The edges are very short and the tops are left a little longer making this hairstyle match any face shape. Hairstyles like this usually often use pomade to style it.

Mid Length Medium Mens Hairstyles

Freshen And Man Up Your Look 10


The purpose of this hairstyle is to maintain the texture of hair that grows naturally. So just let your curly hair fall naturally forward. But don’t leave it alone, you have to routinely cut it to keep it looking neat.

Curly  Top Haircut

Freshen And Man Up Your Look 13


A curly top haircut hairstyle can be an alternative when you don’t have much time to style your hair. Add wax if you want the appearance of more volume hair and eliminate tangling.

Mid Bald Fade

Freshen And Man Up Your Look 01


You have to be very good at styling your hair if you choose this style of cut, so that it still looks neat and handsome. What’s more this hairstyle piece is very practical and flexible you can use during formal or casual events.

The Mohawk fade

Freshen And Man Up Your Look 03


Alloy mohawk and fade style is a haircut with a thin shave on the side, while the upper hair is allowed to elongate to form a mohawk. Although it looks interesting, but very few men want to change their hairstyle like this because it gives the impression of being naughty.

Mid Fade Wavy Hairstyle

Freshen And Man Up Your Look 11


If you have medium or thick wavy hair, this style suits you especially if you also have an oval or heart-shaped face. One of the right choices for those of you who want to look trendy and stylish without having to do a lot of effort.

When it comes to male grooming, there’s no such excuse as having fewer options than women. In fact, with the increasing amount of short men hairstyles, men are allowed to experiment on their looks as much as women.


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