Don’t Be Shy, Check Out These 13 Curly Hairstyles to Rock Your Curly Hair

Dont Be Shy Check Out These 13 Curly Hairstyles To Rock Your Curly Hair
Dont Be Shy Check Out These 13 Curly Hairstyles To Rock Your Curly Hair

If you’re born with curly hair that keeps you equipped with hair products and tools to keep it at bay, you’ve probably spent a great deal of time wondering what kind of hairstyle that can tame your stubborn curls while keeping it exotic as ever.


When it comes to styling it, three hours of surfing over Pinterest won’t ensure to get you that “just-right” hairdo. To help you and every babe with hot curls out there, we’ve rounded up the best curly hairstyles inspirations that will keep you slaying 24/7.

Messy Curly Topknot

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 13


Who would’ve thought that your stubborn curls can add a major personality to your style? Messy yet sultry, the curly hairstyles with a topknot is set with a traceless hairband, keeping your curls at bay while making all heads turn on you at the same time.

Sophisticated French Braid

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 07


If you’re into classy, more sophisticated look, you can also try this dual-sides French braiding style. The corseted braiding keeps your hair neat while adding an elegant finish to it.

Leisure Ponytail

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 06


Unlike the Ariana Grande-esque ponytail that rises high up in the air, this leisure ponytail lets you unleash your curly hairstyle without being overly pompous. Besides, it looks best on curly-haired women and gives the overall style more depth and character.

Headband Accent

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If you’re someone with a short, curly hairstyle, consider adding a headband to your look instead of tying it up. Effortless and gorgeous, headband proves that you don’t need much of a length to be stylish.

Slick Sweep Back

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 04


Looking all sultry and seductive, this slick back curly hairstyle works best on women with textured weaves. Simply brush the strand, add some gel for the dewy-look, and voila!

Loose Curly

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 03


This curly hairstyle is suitable for owners of long hair with loose, curly textures that are slightly dense. Let your hair down naturally but still keep an elegant impression

Twin Buns

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 02


Besides looking more chic, this twin bun style can also make your appearance look fresh and younger. This curly hairstyle is very simple and suitable for long curly hair owners.

Back Braided Hairstyle

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 01


In order not to get bored, try creating your hair by making braids on either side of the left, but don’t let everything be braided, just half enough and then the sides stay tied. This one haircut can make you look cute and girly.

Side Narrow Braid

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 12


This one side curl hairstyle will evoke a feminine impression and make you look more beautiful. The trick is not difficult, just take a little hair to make a small braid, you already look charming with contemporary hair styles.

High Ponytails Half Up

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 11


Take a little hair at the top, then tie the top with a ponytail model while the bottom is left loose. Besides being able to make your curly hair neater, your appearance is also more cool, girls!

Highlight Pink Curly

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 10


This curly hair can become your new favorite hairstyle. By giving a touch of pink highlight color you already get a look that is more fress and chic.

Vintage Hairstyle

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 09


Curly hair with vintage volume models can make your appearance look glamorous. This vintage hairstyle is suitable for you who have thin hair and want to add volume to your hair.

Bob Curly

Don't Be Shy, Check Out 08


This model looks simple but can make the face look fresh because all parts of the face are not covered by hair. Even though it’s left unraveled, this bob curly hair can still make you look attractive

Nowadays, having straight hair isn’t everything. In fact, there are plenty of curly hairstyles that everyone would die to have.


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