Your Must-Go-To Casual Dresses for Formal & Informal Events

Your Must Go To Casual Dresses For Formal Informal Events
Your Must Go To Casual Dresses For Formal Informal Events

Casual outfits are defined for the comfort they provide you. You can go casual with almost anything that does not constrict your movement, nor block your airway. Everyone has some casual outfits in their wardrobe. Nonetheless, what is mandatory for you to have is smart casual dresses. These kind of dresses are comfortable yet still showing elegance and sophistication for women who wear them.

Smart Casual Dresses for Business

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For casual office attire, you can put on a match of half-sleeved or cap-sleeved, midi dress with cardigan or jacket of neutral, pale or even contrasting color. Your dresses are ideally knee-length or longer to show decency, though slightly above the knee is not usually a problem. You may go for patterned or plain-colored casual dresses. However, for easy mix-and-match you should have a few cardigans and jackets, each of a single color, to allow flexibility.

Smart Casual Dresses for Dinner

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For evening events such as dinner, adjust accordingly based on where you are going and whom you are going with. You don’t want to over- or under-dressed for the occasion. Therefore, depending on how formal or informal it is, you can go casual yet elegant with chic, midi dresses, or even flowy, maxi dresses.

Smart Casual Dresses for Wedding

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Wedding is perhaps slightly rigid because you ought to pay attention to the required dress code. Princess or A-Lime midi dresses with half sleeves, cap sleeves, or even sleeveless are decent and comfortable enough for the occasion. However, you may want to consider picking a casual dress with modest neckline because it is the bride’s big day, and not yours.

Smart Casual Dresses for Tea or Lunch Date

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For day events such as afternoon tea or lunch date, you can have more options. Sleeveless, casual dresses with accessories such as a simple sweater, hat and sunglasses definitely work. If you go with casual, longer sleeves such as bell sleeves or frill sleeves, with knee-length, midi, or even maxi dresses it is also fine. Looking smart casual for day events is way easier.

Smart Casual Dresses for Holiday

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Do you already have a vacation plan ?. Of course you don’t want to look boring while on vacation. Make sure you have an out of date for your vacation. You can wear a midi dress t-shirt or wear leggings that are meant for t-shirts and jackets. This casual style for your vacation will definitely look cool.

Those are some casual dress ideas. We hope you find the smart casual dresses for any occasion!


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