Say Goodbye to Blotchy Makeup, 5 Tears-Proof Wedding Makeup Tips

Say Goodbye To Blotchy Makeup 5 Tears Proof Wedding Makeup Tips
Say Goodbye To Blotchy Makeup 5 Tears Proof Wedding Makeup Tips

Let’s be real, weddings are always emotional. If you happen to be the lucky bride who’s going to walk down the aisle, you will want to have your makeup perfectly set until the wedding ends.

Thus, when it comes to wedding makeup, another thing that you should note is whether it’s waterproof or not. A waterproof wedding makeup ensures that your foundation and mascara are secured from tears, meaning that you won’t have to fear for blotchy makeup.

Since shedding tears is inevitable, here are some tips on a waterproof (and tearproof) wedding makeup you can apply during the wedding day!

1.     Don’t Rush

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The first, and most important, thing in nailing the waterproof wedding makeup look is by taking things slowly and one step at a time. Before doing the makeup, make sure that your face is thoroughly primed and exfoliated. A clean and fresh face will make the foundation stick longer.

2.     Avoid Heavy Foundation

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“The thicker, the better”, or… not? When it comes to wedding makeup, layering your foundation is better than dumping it straight on your face. Keeping your face natural and glowing, always opt for brush or sponge to apply the foundation.

3.   Get an Eyelash Extension

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An eyelash extension is a great investment if you want to have an impeccable wedding makeup. Looking way more natural than store-bought fake eyelashes, you won’t have to wear mascara and risking a messy face after crying.

4.     Do a Test Run

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For most brides, doing a test run before the D-day is essential. Always ask your makeup artist for a test run to make sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for. Additionally, a test run also helps you determine how long a makeup will last.

5.     Lip Stain is the Key

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Often brushed aside, picking the right lip product is also essential for your wedding makeup. Since lipstick and lipgloss require a constant touchup, you might want to opt for a lip stain. It lasts longer, so you won’t be rubbing colors on your new husband!

Keeping your wedding makeup in check is always vital to avoid a wedding disaster. Make sure to follow these waterproof tips to maintain flawless makeup until the very end!



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