Sultry and Seductive, Try Out These 10 Smokey Eye Makeup Inspirations

Sultry And Seductive Try Out These 10 Smokey Eye Makeup Inspirations
Sultry And Seductive Try Out These 10 Smokey Eye Makeup Inspirations

Endlessly classic, smokey eye makeup is one of that signature looks that will never go out of style. Whenever you’re feeling dramatic, a brush of brown, beige, and black will transform your bland makeup into a real-life Cleopatra. Smokey eye makeup is also versatile, meaning that you can wear it during the day or night with different color combinations and intensity.

If you’re a makeup-savvy, this sultry Ancient Egypt-inspired look is definitely a must-try. As a start, here are the five finest smokey eye makeup inspirations you should never miss in 2020.

Smokey and Glittery Cat-Eyes Makeup
Sultry And Seductive, Try Out10


A deadly combination of two most spellbinding features, this feline-like smokey eye will definitely seduce anyone that goes into your way. To make it even more lavish, consider adding a touch of glitter on the inner lid or the waterline. Slay, slay, baby!

Matte Black Smokey Eye with a Wing

Sultry And Seductive, Try Out09


This stunning incorporates both smokey eyes with an intricate cut crease. If smokey eyeshadow alone can drastically transform your look, imagine how powerful it would be with an addition of a wing! Really, this smokey eye makeup is a noteworthy one.

Subtle Smokey Eye with Glittery Waterline

Sultry And Seductive, Try Out05


Often overlooked, a glittery waterline can make your eyes look brighter and more defined. Complemented by a subtle smokey eye makeup gradation, you’ll want to try this combination for your next party.
Classic, Clean Smokey Eye Makeup

Sultry And Seductive, Try Out07


Looking as smokey as possible, sometimes you just want to go dramatic through this classic smokey eye makeup. The eyelids are dominated with black eyeshadow which is blended carefully to create a perfect gradation. Stunning!

Smokey Eye with Glitter

Sultry And Seductive, Try Out06


Let’s just admit it, we’re still on a long way to stop obsessing over glitter. If you’re looking for a quirky touch on your classic smokey eye makeup, consider brushing a touch (or a lot!) of glitter on your eyelid, blend it, and voila!

Burgundury Smoke Eyeshadow

Sultry And Seductive, Try Out08


You can look sharper and more intense with burgundury smokey eyes. Make gradations from brown, burgundy, pink eyeshadow on the top and bottom of the eye. Don’t forget, blend using a brush and use mascara to make it more intense.

Rich Blue Smokey Eye

Sultry And Seductive, Try Out04


Not only brown, you can also use this rich blue color. Simply brush blue on the inner corner of the eyelid. Then, apply brown from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. Apply also at the bottom of the eye and perfect it with gold or nude eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye. Blend using a brush until it’s neat.

Sparkly Smokey Eye

Sultry And Seductive, Try Out03


If you want to look glamorous, you can use smokey eyes that have glitter in them. The tip of the eye can be black, the middle is brown with glitter

Intense Purple Smokey Eyes

Sultry And Seductive, Try Out02


The color purple will make the smokey eye look more beautiful. Also add eyeliner to emphasize the shape of the eye.

Warm Undertones and Opulent Pink

Sultry And Seductive, Try Out01


Look luxe neutrals with warm undertones and opulent pink and plum hues to create endless magical eye looks. Finishes range from buttery mattes to luminous shimmers in a pigment-rich formula that blends effortlessly.


Aside from the five looks mentioned, smokey eye makeup has an even wider combination that you can get creative on. Finally, make sure to put on a primer on your eyelid beforehand and get ready for a handful of smokey experiments!


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