13 Bob Hairstyles that are In This Year

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year
13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year

Last year was the year of short hair, and has the trend stopped? The answer is nope! The bob hairstyles are now elevated so that you can rock the style in 2020! This is a favourite choice to many because of how effortless and clean you look while still being classy and even more professional! Here are some hairstyles that you can choose for your next haircut.

Jaw-Length Bob

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year13


This bob is the lowest of all, with length only reaches the jaw. The bottom of the hair is trimmed sharply add elegance to the look. The hair falls perfectly behind the ear. This hairstyle has been rocked by Kaia Gerber recently!

Easy Short Hair

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year12


Easy short hair is when you just cut the bottom of your hair, then curled for bob. The overall look will make you look fresh, as well as stylish. The perfect part about it is that you don’t really need to keep it maintained! The hairstyle makes you even brighter, regardless of how long you keep the bob.

Curled Bob

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year11


There are two types of bob hairstyles: sleek or voluminous. Both look amazing, and this time we are showing you how curled bob looks. This would make your hair looks bouncy and healthy! It also reminds you of the classic hairstyle we used to see in the 90s, perfect for a trendy throwback look.

Choppy Bob

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year10


Straight Accurate Blunt Bob with Flyaways Fine, straight hair can look strong and healthy when it’s cut bluntly and styled into a sleek bob.

Side Part Short Bob

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year09


Want an effortlessly chic look? Part the edge of the hair without the need to be combed neatly. The result, random side haircut models but still fashionable.

Messy Bob Hairstyle

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year08


Like the look that is not too neat? That means this style suits you! Simply comb with your fingers to get a messy look.

Bob Hairstyles with Bang

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year07


Bob haircut that falls perfectly on the shoulder is simple and easy to manage. But so that it doesn’t seem boring and special, add bangs as a trap for your style.

Fantastic Stacked Bob

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year06


Want to look good for your stacked bob style hair give a little color to your hair, so it’s better to choose a solid color and give a touch of color highlights a level darker

Angled Bob

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year05


Angled bob hairstyles that are far from ancient words describe the impression of bold and sexy. You can adjust to the shape of your hair that is wavy or straight Straight hair style can make your style sleek.

Inverted Bob

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year04


This inverted bob haircut looks short, perfect for you who are confident and dare to be different! Very short and sleek pieces look unique and stand out.

Shaggy Bob

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year03


The classic shaggy style is suitable for a variety of styles and hairstyles. This shaggy cutout creates a thin and light impression and can also help disguise your chubby face.

Blunt Balayage Bob

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year02


If you like a simple and not complicated style, you can try this blunt balayege bob model. Pieces without bangs that are sufficiently arranged in the middle section give a thick effect and volume

Full Fringe Bob

13 Bob Hairstyles That Are In This Year01


For those of you who look stylish, give a touch of your hair with a full fringe bob model. When your hair almost reaches the shoulder, cut it a little to keep it in shape. add bangs as a variation.

Bob hairstyles are interesting to look at. There are some layers that are created to make the hair looks a certain way. This would make you nervous at first, but you are going to get a great haircut, nonetheless. The bob itself has a lot of stories to tell, so you can no longer be afraid of trying out something new!


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