17 Fresh Nail Art for Spring ideas

17 Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas
17 Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas

Spring is the perfect weather for new nail art. There are a lot of pops of color here and there, so why not put it onto your nails? Expect to see some nail art for spring ideas listed below that have dried flowers as well! Here are some ideas that will ensure you looking fresh all springtime.

Colorful Abstract

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas17


Slather white polish to your whole nails for a base color. Then, freely add other colors on top of each other! The color combinations, as well as random texture, will make it look abstract, yet fresh and fun.


Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas16


It’s a season of colors, so why not mismatch your nails? Try out and put different designs on each of your nails. Why has it all the same when you can put ten different designs on your hands at once?


Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas15


Get a matte polish on your nail, any colors you want. Then, add some sequins on top for adding dimension. The combination of color and texture makes it look chic and fresh.


Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas14


If you prefer to keep your nails free from random colors, this one only needs you to have white and black polish. First, color your nails with white polish. Then, doodle some arts on top of it! This is easier to be done with black marker polish.

Dried Flowers

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas13


This is a simple but not so simple look, perfect for spring. You can simply add some dried flowers and put a top coat on it. This nail art for spring, however, is best to be done with gel nails to ensure that it lasts as long as possible!


Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas12


Shades of very deep shade such as orange and turquoise blue can create a special ombre for your nails appearance. Coupled with polka-dot motifs that always give the impression of a classic and adorable.

Fruits Fresh

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas11


Fruit nail art design makes the look cute and fresh. Add freshness of fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, kiwi, and orange. For the basic color you use white.

Minimalist Flower

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas10


For you who like to look minimalist. This flower pattern is very simple but looks attractive. Looks on point according to the season. Bright yellow color but still glamorous.

Marble Design

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas09


This gray marble looks like a real one. Increasingly confident with abstract techniques that combine three colors. You can apply this look through gray, gold and black with a balanced composition for each other.
Modern Mint Green French

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas08


French manicure is usually identical to the white color on the tip of the nail. But to welcome this year’s spring season which is more different, try a more colorful French color, like mint green.

Matte Color Block

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas07


For those of you who don’t like bold colors but want to keep appearing naturally biased by applying nude colors to your nails. Color the blocks of all your nails with a nude color that will certainly keep hits every time.

Chic Sparkly Glitter

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas06


Sparkly touches on this glitter nails will shift the impression of a dreamy elegant.
Sweet Pinky Chevrons Nails Art

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas05


Try playing with basic nail polish colors such as pinky chevrons. Challenge yourself to add striped motifs after applying nail polish. You can choose horizontal or vertical lines that can be adjusted to the base color you have chosen

Bright Nail Designs With Butterflies

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas04


This nail art is suitable for you who are feminism and mature. The pattern of butterflies is composed of very beautiful colorful rhinestones.

Sweet Blooming

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas03


No less beautiful and unique with other nail art. This Japanese pink flower can also be a creative idea for nail art. Pink background with white gradations will add to the impression of a feminine.

3D Flower Fashion

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas02


Equipped with an adorable 3D flower design that will make you a leader in this season.
LightCoral Ombre Artificial False Nails

Fresh Nail Art For Spring Ideas01


Ombre motif is a simple appearance but still able to give an interesting impression on your finger. Display ombre here is not done on one finger, but the fifth finger. So you only need to apply the same color nail polish on each finger.

These nail art for spring ideas will keep you looking nice all spring. The designs vary so you can choose the ones that you prefer! From floral to doodle, these fresh designs are a great way to play with pops of color.


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