Crop Top Outfit for Upcoming Summer

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer
Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer

Summer heat makes you want as less as possible, and crop top is the perfect piece for that. There are a lot of crazy cute crop top outfit that you can rock on the summer. Crop top has a lot of possibilities to mix and match, and here are 5 outfits for your inspiration.

Workout Style

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer04


Pair your crop top with a workout legging for a workout style. If done right, you can wear this look even outside of the gym! The easiest way to pull this look is by wearing all black. Jet black makes your outfit look like it’s not only for working out purpose.

Wide-Leg Pants

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer11


Crop top shows a lot of skin, so pair it with a pair of wide-leg pants to balance it out. A solid-colored bottom makes a perfect pair. You’re going to end up with a statement outfit!

Matching Crop Top

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer03


Wearing a matching crop top and pants is great for a casual summer party. You can choose a print design for both the top and bottom that makes your outfit looks amazing

Crop Top with Skirt

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer02


Another way to match crop top is with a midi skirt. You can opt for a tulle skirt with volume for this. Get ones with a soft color, and you have created a ballerina-inspired crop top outfit.
Perfect Pair of Suit

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer08


Suits are perfect to be worn with cop top. While suits cover everything from the shoulder to legs, the crop top shows enough skin for a casual look!

Black Off-the-Shoulder Button-Up

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer12


Off-shoulder models or what we know as Sabrina clothes are still a trend among millennials. Sexy impression that is not excessive makes this shirt much loved by all people.

Striped Ruffled Crop Top

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer10


Creating a playful look can also be created through a neutral colored outfit. This display also looks attractive with matching striped motifs that are ready to make the look more trendy. Add accessories such as earrings, to make it look a level more stylish.

Plaid Pants

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer09


For a more minimalist crop top look, plaid style can be a reference. To make it look more special, add the hop earring as an accessory to complete the look.

Crepe Mini Skirt

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer07



A simple choice of styles from the crop top with a vintage puff sleeve top and a miniskirt subordinate. For the color white and lavender makes softness in the eyes.

Lace Up Crop Top

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer06


Halter-style crop top with lace accents combined with long jeans will not make you look monotonous. The choice of outfit is no less stylish to take to your hangout.

Penelope Flutter Sleeve Crop Top

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer05


Crop tops with accents forming a bond on the front is indeed very stylish when you wear. You also look sexy without overdoing it. suitable as an outfit when menyembub summer.

Crop Top with Jacket Denim

Crop Top Outfit For Upcoming Summer01


Crop top is not always plain. This patterned crop top can be combined with a denim outer jacket. Who would have thought this outfit selection makes you look cheerful and playful.

Crop tops are not always for a casual, daily look. You can wear it with different pieces to make a party-worthy outfit! From suits to skirt, crop top helps you turn any outfit into a great summer look. Beat the heat with crop top outfit style, and you are ready for any type of occasions in this summer time!


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