Stunning Wedding Nail Polish Ideas

Stunning Wedding Nail Polish Ideas
Stunning Wedding Nail Polish Ideas

Wedding is one of the most special events of your life—and you’d want to make sure you do your nails right. With that said, we have five stunning wedding nail polish ideas that are simply amazing to be a part of a wedding. The key is always to achieve an elegant look!

Matte and Gold

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Any color coated with a matte top coat can look amazingly stunning. For a wedding day, stick with a nude or soft pink shade. Then, add gold accents to your nail. From French manicure styled to letterings, this color combo creates a great combination. The two accents make it simple yet stunning at the same time.

French Manicure

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One of the wedding style trends now is to look as natural as possible while enhancing your features at the same time. French manicure is perfect for achieving this concept. The classic nail art simply suits any dress nicely and complement the whole look with elegance.


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Another idea to give more sparks to your beautiful day is adding a rhinestone accent to your nail. Simply choose any simple base color and add several rhinestones on top of it. This is easy to do, even by yourself!

Long and Ombre

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If you prefer a longer nail, it is perfect for ombre style! With longer nails, it’s easier to enhance the color transition and make it more dramatic. Opt for the color combination of white and pink nude. You can also add some gold or silver to the whole look, and even rhinestones!

3D Flower

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This model is perfect for outdoor wedding or garden party themes. Nowadays many floral designs are embossed or 3D. To avoid the impression that is too crowded, when choosing colors you should choose a pastel or white color.

Piece Gold Plated Filigree

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If you don’t want to bother and don’t have enough time to make nail art, you can still get beautiful nails. It’s simpler, so you don’t need to take long treatments and it doesn’t hurt you to choose this nail art model.
Gergeous Grey Nail Art

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Gray is also a beautiful color for you to use during your wedding. This color can still be combined with pink and more beautiful when there is a touch of gold, and accents such as gradient and full mate colors.

Luxury Red Mate

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Occasionally get out of your comfort zone by making a different nail art. Use a firm base color and choose a red mate color to be daubed on the nail line. Give a touch of rhinestone to look lux results.
Beautiful Botanical Sticker

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For those of you who like the simple look, this nail art is suitable to complement your style. Just use the cream color as the base and stick a flower-shaped sticker (according to taste) on the top
Metallic Pink

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Metallic pink is an elegant touch to perfect your appearance. Make your nails look more fun with gold and white glitter streaks. If you like the style that is glamorous or luxurious, you can choose this nail art. Although the manufacturing process is quite long but it is comparable with beautiful results.

White Nail Designs

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White is always synonymous with marriage, this is the theme raised from this one nail art. Silver gliter accents beautify the appearance of this one nail.

Pretty Acrylic Coffin

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White is a color that is included in the group safe if combined matching. The creation of additional diamond-shaped beads also further enhance the appearance of your nail art.

Those are some wedding nail polish ideas you can choose. Keeping it simple with a little surprise from certain accents balances the nail art with any outfits you wear. With these ideas, you can easily pull off any look with simplicity and ease.


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