Wedding Hairstyles for Your Special Day

Wedding Hairstyles For Your Special Day
Wedding Hairstyles For Your Special Day

Hair is the crown of any woman. Making sure the hairdo on your wedding day perfectly done is crucial. The possibilities are endless, but you need to find one that perfectly matches the wedding style as well. Here are five wedding hairstyles inspiration for your special day for.

Updo with Floral

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Updo is always stunning for the bride. The slightly messy and undone bun makes a relaxed and natural look framing your face nicely. As the wedding is full of romance, adding some floral accents into the updo finishes the whole look nicely.

Long Curls

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Letting your long hair down and curled makes a stunning look. It enhances the natural beauty of yours. If you have long curly hair, show it off instead of opting for an updo. You can go all creative with these wedding hairstyles.

Sleek Pony Tail

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This is an unpopular wedding hairstyle but can be amazing as well. Bringing your hair into ponytail makes a combination of an elegant and glam look. This ensures that your hair will stay in place for the whole tiring day!


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Have your textured hair flows for an undone look. Finish off with braids to make it look done. The result is an effortless yet stunning look, perfect for a boho wedding. Honestly, this would make a great hairdo for any wedding theme!

Loose Waves with Crown

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Loose waves are great for hairstyles with the added accent. Wear a floral crown for a stunning hairpiece that brings everyone’s eyes to your eyes.

Formal Sleek Looped Updo

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Looks classic with sleek updo is the perfect choice for those of you who don’t like to be over-impressed. Besides appearing to make you fresher, this one hairstyle you can create with various hair crowns or any accessories.

Low Messy Bun

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The simplest hairstyle you can try is low messy bun. Trying this hairstyle won’t always make you look old or old. With the right hair accessories and styling, you can make it look more modern.
Trendy Half Up Half Down

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Try a volume hair style to still be able to show off your long hair, you can try some combination of hairstyle half up half down. In this hairstyle, use variations to beautify your hair with silver vine leaves.

Bubble Ponytail

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One of the hairstyles that has the most exciting variations is the ponytail. One of the most chic and cool variations of ponytail to try is the bubble ponytail hairstyle. The name bubble ponytail is given because it is shaped like a multilevel bubble and is given the illusion of a tight bond that separates each bubble

Super Chic Messy Updo

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Not everyone is a fan of hair style. You can also try an updo hairstyle on your hair. For example, messy updo hair that looks messy and has a volume like this. To add volume to your hair, don’t forget to brush your hair first.

Lovely High Bun

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If you’re afraid to look old school with a high-bun wedding party hairstyle, try braid bun style with accessories like this. The key is in the braid and accessory settings that you choose.

Waterfall Braided

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Waterfall braid is suitable for you who want to look simple with beautiful flowing hair. arranged as naturally as possible with flower accessories is perfect for outdoor weddings!

Low Updo

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If you are not a fan of complicated hairstyles or don’t have long enough hair for a braid style, try a low updo hairstyle.

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, it’s best to enhance what you already have. Go for a loose wave for your long hair. Embrace the natural curls with a floral crown. Showing your true self makes the whole wedding even more beautiful! The hairdo simply embraces your natural beauty and be the stunning bride you are.


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