20 Must Have Mini Skirt in Your Closet

20 Must Have Mini Skirt In Your Closet
20 Must Have Mini Skirt In Your Closet

What makes skirts great are how they are easily matched with any types of outfit. Any simple outfit becomes fashionable when combined with skirts. The possibility is simply limitless when it comes to skirt. Therefore, having skirts in your wardrobe is a must! Here are 20 mini skirt styles that you need to have in your closet.

Black A-Line Skirt

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A-line means that the design of the skirt shaped like the letter A. This skirt is easy to pull with any piece of clothing. For a classy look, you can wear a black mini skirt with a turtle neck sweater. For a more casual look, pair it with a shirt or tank top. This skirt is so basic that you can try wearing it with whatever you have in your closet right now!

Velvet Skirt

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Velvet skirt makes any of your outfit looks even nicer. The texture gives a put-together look that is soft and stunning. You can have any color that you want, but red velvet skirt is always a must. It goes well with anything and can be worn to any type of occasions.

Tennis Skirt

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Tennis skirt is not only for playing tennis anymore. Now, you can rock the street with any printed tennis skirt! This is a look that comes from Korea, and this makes a cute look that is comfortable to wear. You can pair the tennis skirt with a t-shirt for a sporty look.

Floral Sweet Skirts

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Want to look cute and adorable? Try mixing a mini skirt with floral motifs. This solid match will look even more perfect with a matching tank top in color. You can also complement it with high heels so that your feet look taller.

Plaid Navy Blue Plaid Mini Skirt

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If you lack the confidence to wear a mini skirt, you can add stockings. This blend will give the impression of a feminine and casual look. Besides that, this navy plaid model selection will add to your outfit aesthetics.

Pom Pom Mocha Skirt

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This darling pom pom skirt is such an beautifully boho choice for fall. The gorgeous light mocha color paired with the sweetest pom pom details – it’s so lovely! This skirt also features a lightweight material and a flirty ruffled hemline that’s so fun to dance in! You can easily dress this look up with heels and a sophisticated blouse, or keep it casual with booties and a graphic tee!

Venom Snakeskin Skirt

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Combining a mini skirt from Venom Snakeskin with a pink sweater and black boots looks simple but still stylish. Because the motif on the mini skirt has become an attraction for your appearance, choose a sweater without a motive.

Red Leather Skirt

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Look fashionable by combining a leather mini skirt that has a red color with matching boots. This outfit can be combined with a plain t-shirt. Suitable for a walk or hangout with your friends.
Tulle Skirt

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The idea of a short skirt like a mini skirt made from tulle is very suitable if you want to look feminine and adorable. This tulle skirt will make you look beautiful and classy. Your legs will look nice and level.

Burgundy Button Skirt
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This button up skirt is really recommended for you to make a contemporary mini skirt inspiration idea. This skirt model with rows of buttons on the front of the center makes a super stylish appearance. You can pair it with a t-shirt top with an oiter leather jacket. Just add your sunglasses will look fashionable!
Blush Suedette Skirt

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Next is a sweet blush-colored Suade mini skirt. This Suade skirt will make your appearance look different. You can look both cute and elegant. This mini skirt is suitable for any fashion item. For example, with a boss off the shoulder with a long sleeve. Look you will look warm and not boring.
Denim Skirt

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Who says mini jeans skirts can’t be used to look cool outfits? You can combine it with an off shoulder boss. This style is very suitable to wear when going hangeout or dating. You only need to combine it with pep boot to give a more elegant and beautiful impression

Double Button Wine Skirt

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This skirt may be pretty classic but it hits the spot because a lot of women like it. Moreover, it is very suitable to be paired with any boss. This look can be really for your official event. To relax also you will still be fashionable.

Ruffle Wrap Skirt

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If you want to look feminine, you can choose the current mini skirt ruffle skirt. This ruffle skirt tends to be light and comfortable to wear. When blown by a small breeze, the ruffle on the skirt will move pretty. This ruffle skirt is equipped with side wraps.

Lowie Skirt

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Want to appear in bohemian style hits? Come on, try looking for a mini skirt with sweet wrinkle details. This alloy skirt is very sweet to pair with a basic colored top. The combination of earthy tone colors can also be the right choice for you to choose as an Instagram-able vacation outfit.

Lace Embroidered Mini Skirt

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Like to wear mini skirts with lace models? You can make this mini skirt with lace plisket details as an outfit idea. The model is cute and makes you look young. You can mix and match with a long-sleeved top. Then for footwear, just use tall boots. You’re going to be fashionable.

Braided Mini Skirt

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Still on today’s braided mini skirts, you also choose the asymmetrical striped skirt model. This skirt will be more trendy when you wear it. You can combine it with an inner turtle neck design with an outer jacket. For the base you can use knee boot to make it look impressive.

Leopard Print Mini Skirt

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The next contemporary mini skirt that is recommended for your fashion idea is the leopard printed mini skirt. This leopard print miniskirt will make you beautiful and edgy. Very suitable for use when traveling to the beach, or just traveling.

Metallic Tiger Print Suede Mini Skirt

20 Must Have Mini Skirt In Your Closet05


Combining miniskirt with metallic colored tiger motif and also a sophisticated crop top makes your appearance more attractive. This skirt is suitable for parties because it looks glamorous and elegant.

Sequin Mini Skirt

20 Must Have Mini Skirt In Your Closet04


You can also choose a mini skirt with sequins as an inspiration for a contemporary woman’s mini skirt. This miniskirt looks glamorous, with sequins giving the impression of sparkly, so that the cock to be used at a party.

Those are twenty mini skirt that you must have in your closet! You can definitely mix and match these skirts with any other outfits you have. This is why you need to invest in a stylish skirt! It’s not even that expensive and easily customizable. You get cute outfits for different occasions!


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