Men Blazer for Casual Yet Professional Look

Men Blazer For Casual Yet Professional Look
Men Blazer For Casual Yet Professional Look

For semi-formal dress code, you can’t simply go wrong with a men blazer. Wear a plain shirt underneath, and you get a casual yet professional look at the same time. Depending on how you style it, you can achieve a balance between a formal and informal look. Here is a guide on how you can wear a blazer and still look amazingly casual!

Unstructured Blazer

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The key to wearing a blazer but still looking casual is the material. A lightweight material that makes an unstructured blazer is perfect for this look. It makes your overall outfit looks relaxed rather than stiff. You can wear any shirt underneath but keep it plain for a professional look.

Pair with Jeans and Sneakers

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Pairing your men blazer with a pair of jeans and sneakers makes it look even more casual. Cotton blazer goes well with t-shirts and sneakers. This look is great for a summertime event that needs you to be a little bit more casual than usual. Linen blazers are also great for a smart casual look, with light color dominating the whole outfit.

Wool for Colder Weather

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For colder weather, other than summer season, you can opt for blazers that are made with wool. These are heavier, but you can pair it with jeans and sneakers. When choosing a wool blazer, the perfect shades are navy and grey, or another neutral color. By choosing this color, you will be able to wear the blazer for any professional event repeatedly.

Slim Fit Trousers

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Slim Fit is a formal suit that has a monochrome feel. This jacket made from polyester combination is very comfortable to wear and durable. This suit has a lapel collar and has a slim fit model. Not only that, it is also equipped with a front button, two front slot pockets, and one front pocket with a flap.

Cashmare Rollneck Jumper

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With a masculine gray color, this one blazer can look more attractive when combined with a monochrome style. You can choose whether to combine it with your favorite black jumper rollneck. For subordinates, make sure the pants with matching colors in order to make the appearance look more harmonious.

Textured Weave Blazer

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You will definitely be stylish all at once when wearing a texture model of men’s weave blazers with a blend of striped t-shirts. Take the risk by wearing checked motifs or stripes to look different. Wear loafers or oxford brown for a classic touch. Turtle neck or shirt can also be the right choice to wear with a striped blazer. Surely all eyes will be on you!

 Wool Double Breasted Blazer

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It’s been popular since the 1920s to prove how classic double breasted suits in men’s clothing. Even so, of course this suit continues to experience changes in design and more modern pieces. Now the cut on the suit is more applicable with a slim and relaxed silhouette.

Skinny Fit Blazer

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This slim fit suit can make you look more modern, so you will feel more confident when you wear it.
Magnificent Bright Color

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Suit has a color that tends to darken make you look more rigid. To be more fresh and casual, you can wear brightly colored suits. Pair with a white shirt to create a clean and smart look.

Hodie and Blezer

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Hodie has the impression of being relaxed and casual, while suits are identical to formal styles. If what you need is a less formal look, you can combine hodie with a suit to get a semi-formal look. You don’t need to worry, the combination is perfect if you are good at mixing colors. This combination can make you look masculine

Men blazer is a great way to look more professional while the rest of your outfit is casual. It provides a great balance of formal and informal, and you end up looking stylish. Remember to make sure that your blazer cut and quality is great, and you’re good to go! You can now go to any event looking smart and casual at the same time.


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