16 Long Hairstyle for Men

16 Long Hairstyle For Men
16 Long Hairstyle For Men

Long hairstyle used to be associated with rockers and surfers. Now, it’s great for any type of fashion. From shoulder length to the ones that reach the lower back, long hairstyle for men is now as stylish than ever. Here are 5 inspirations on how to easily rock that long hair of yours!

Slick Back

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This is the easiest way to style a long hairstyle. For a professional look, this is how to get your hair tameable and neat. Even the ones with curly or textured hair can greatly use this hairstyle for a daily look.

Man Bun or Pony

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Another easy way to style long hair is to put it into bun or pony. It is a great way to look neat without having to put a lot of products on your hair. Keep some strands fall by the face for a not-so-sleek look.

Part in the Middle

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Part your hair in the middle and just let the rest of the hair flow. To get this part, you can simply part your hair with a fine-toothed comb right after you wash your hair. Your hair is going to follow how it is styled when wet, so make sure you’ve achieved the look you desire!

Half Up

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Half up is the style that combines man bun with long strands. Chris Hemsworth often uses it as Thor. This long hairstyle for men looks strikingly masculine!

Long Textured and Curls

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If you have textured hair or curls, you can simply let it flow. It is a bit tricky though, as curls often come with frizz. Therefore, keeping your hair healthy and taming the frizzes with products are the key. Don’t over-wash your hair as it adds frizzes and condition often!

Top Knot Hairstyle

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As the name suggests, this man’s long hairstyle is easy to practice, especially for those of you who do have long, straight hair. You just comb your hair into one and then roll it into a bump on your head.

Overly High Ponytail

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Never lost by the times, ponytail always remains the choice for hairstyles. If you have long hair as a man you can also try. This hairstyle is suitable for various occasions.

Half Bun and Long Hair

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Lazy styling all hair? Try this half bun style. This hairstyle is suitable for you who have chubby cheeks. Still looks more sexy and can make a woman melt at you.

Long Undercut

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Undercut haircut trend always seems to be a trend, huh? This undercut is a long man’s haircut at the top, while the lower part is left with only thin hair.

Long Textures Waves

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Don’t be afraid to grow your hair long. See how this haircut looks cooler. One of our favorite long hair inspirations!

Stylish Braids

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One thing that is no less iconic is the way she does her hair. You can mimic by neatly combing your hair back and tying a portion of your hair over and giving it a small braid touch and then let a part of the underside unfold.

Low Bun

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You are in a hurry to go or are happy with a simple style that is not adventurous, it feels most suitable for this long hairstyle. Low bun is very easy for you to practice long straight hairstyles. You just need to make a simple low-bun.

Dreadlocks for Men

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Dreadlocks hair style is suitable for you who like to experiment. You can get it by shaping the hair to become dense so that it sticks to one another. But you need treatment that is quite difficult.

Long Straight Hairstyle

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Who says hair clamp is only for women? If you have more time, you can clamp your long hair until it’s perfectly straight. But before you start curling, protect your hair from the heat of the vise. It is important to keep your hair from drying out, dullness or branching. Interested in having long hair?

Mid Lenght

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With facial hair like this, any hair style will make you look manly. No exception this shoulder-length hairdo. The natural texture of hair can make thin hair look thicker.


16 Long Hairstyle For Men01


With a shaggy haircut will give the impression of looking messy masculine with a texture still looks sleek. This is because the shaggy haircut basically has layers to make it look more volume. This haircut can also be equipped with a beard or a beard to add a more macho impression.

There is so much long hairstyle for men that you can try, from braid to dreadlocks. Having long hair is a blast, especially when you want to try different hairstyles. All you need to do is pick one hairstyle you like best and go for it right away!


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