13 Work Outfit Casual for Daily Wear

13 Work Outfit Casual For Daily Wear
13 Work Outfit Casual For Daily Wear

You don’t really need many outfits for work, really. It’s all about mix and matching some pieces into great outfits. Having to figure out different outfits daily would be a hassle. So, here are some work outfit casual ideas that are minimalistic enough so you can repeatedly wear them to the office!

Statement Blouse

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Having a statement piece like a printed blouse is great. You wouldn’t need to think much about mixing tons of outfit. You can simply go with a plain work pants, and you’re good to go. Having several blouses on your wardrobe make an easy outfit for work outfit casual.

Casual Blazers

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Here is what makes blazer amazing: you can wear anything you want underneath and still look professional. From tank top to shirt, and even jeans, you will still look stylish and appropriate for work. Make sure that your office lets you wear jeans, though! If your office is strict about it, swap it with a pair of pants that fit nicely.

Midi Length Dresses

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Dresses are also a great way to pull a casual look to the office. Choose a mid-length skirt for your dress so that you look professional but not too much! Dresses can be perfectly paired with heels and boots, but you can also wear a nice sneaker for an even more casual look.


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Jumpsuits are quite casual, and perhaps too casual for the office. However, you can still make this work. By adding blazers, jackets or wearing a sleeved jumpsuit, you already get an appropriate office style!

Solid Cape Blazer & Pants Set

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Cape always gives a sense of security and comfort when worn and is also suitable for various occasions and various body shapes. Blazer cape is the right choice for formal occasions. Mix and match with the romper on the inside and the black cape blazer as an outer provide its own charisma for the wearer.

Pinstripe Stretch Two Button Jacket

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You can’t miss a pinstripe patterned blazer. This shirt is important to give a casual impression to work. For the color, choose a bright color for a different look. Pair it with matching or neutral colored subordinates to keep it eye catching.

Floral Blouse

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Want to look eye-catching and look different from women around you ?. Floral shirt will look cool if you mix it with any subordinates, both skirts or pants.

Short-Sleeve  Sheath Dress

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Sheath dress with a closed model that fits the body is the right choice for the tiny body. The straight cut length makes the wearer look taller and curved.

Chic Crepe Pencil Skirt

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Blouse with a pencil skirt is one right blend for a work outfit. Your appearance looks formal but still fashionable.

High Waist Pleated Wide Leg

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Fashion style is always spinning. Outdated fashion is now trending again. Pleated pants or shorts, for example, are culottes that have multi-fold details and have a wide size. This pants is suitable to be combined with various tops.
White Denim

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Another semi-formal look you can get by combining a blazer and white denim pants. You can wear loafers, sneakers or even heels to complete it.

Long Sleeveless Coat

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Complete your casual work look with a long sleeveless coat. In order not to be monotonous, wear senda colored footwear with animal print motifs and bracelets as accessories.

Classic Vest Dress

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One of the female fashion items that has been proven to be effective in maximizing appearance is a vest. Outer vest-like various models are indeed much in demand as a choice of dress. Not only beautiful, you will look more professional because one of the effects of using a vest that radiates your adult side.

A work outfit shouldn’t be a hassle—it should be simple enough to pull but makes you look stunning and put together. Having key pieces give you a wide opportunity to match the overall look, so you wouldn’t need to worry about work outfit casual every morning!


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