Pastel Nail Color for Daily Wear

Pastel Nail Color For Daily Wear

Pastel nail color is not only good for Easter. You can definitely wear it daily! The soft yet bright color brings a fresh vibe after a darker season of winter. A lot can be done with pastel nail polish, but the perfect shade could even stand on its own! Here are some shades you can choose.


Pastel Nail Color For Daily Wear 01

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Soft greenish color is all you need for a fresh color. What’s even fresher than mint? Moreover, this shade simply resembles the dyed Easter eggs, making it a perfect pastel nail color for spring.

Salt Water

Pastel Nail Color For Daily Wear 02

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While mint is already well known, here is another shade that is similar but different. The combination of blue and green simply reminds you of the ocean.

Pale Yellow

Pastel Nail Color For Daily Wear 03

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Pale yellow makes you instantly remember fuzzy chicks, doesn’t it? While yellow itself can be too much for a polish color, pale yellow is the way to go! The pastel color makes it great to stand on its own. This would become a nice pop of color to your overall outfit of the day.


Pastel Nail Color For Daily Wear 04

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Gray comes in a lot of different undertones, one of them being blue. The blue and gray combination makes an off-gray color that is perfect for pastel nail color. The slight blue undertone gives an icy vibe to the whole shade!

Sandy Nude

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When in doubt, nude is always the best option. This shade of nude mixes pink and lavender color for the perfect neutral-pastel shade. For daily wear, this would be the perfect one to choose. Whether you want to go to the office or party, this nail color can simply be stunning!



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The first characteristic possessed by the color of the slate has several colors namely gray, black, green and also red. The colors of this slate are distinctive colors.

A Tan-gerine

Pastel Nail Color For Daily Wear 07

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Tan is pale brown. This name comes from tannum (oak bark) which is used in tanning leather. Colors that are similar or can be considered identical to tan include: brownish yellow, tenné, and fulvous.

Light Purple

Pastel Nail Color For Daily Wear 08

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Light purple is the color of the bridge between warm and cold colors, the result of mixing red and blue. Light purple is an unusual color (rare) in nature.


Pastel Nail Color For Daily Wear 09

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Peaches are a color that is named for the pale color of the inside of a peach. This name can also be changed to “peachy.”


Pastel Nail Color For Daily Wear 10

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Toska or also called turquoise blue is a color combination of a slightly greenish blue. This color is the color of the ocean or ocean

While we have given pastel nail color ideas for you, there are some ways to make the nail arts even better. Get some top coat or rhinestones for a little accent on top! It would make a lot of difference, and your nails can be even more stunning.


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