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Nail Art Stickers That Don’t Look Cheap

Nail Art Stickers That Dont Look Cheap
Nail Art Stickers That Dont Look Cheap

Nail art is a well-known approach to create fun and cute designs to your nails. Moreover, when you want to add more than a clear polish color to your nails, you can choose nail arts. One of the nail art options you can get is nail stickers.

Nail stickers are the simple things you can use to make your nails look more attractive. Nail arts stickers with self-adhesive help beginners to apply to their nails. If you look for some inspiration, we have some fabulous nail sticker designs below.

Cute Cats on Nails

Ail Art Stickers That Don T Look 28


These nail stickers are so cute. If you are a cat lover, those will be perfect choice for your nails’ decoration. You can customize different cute cat stickers depending on your preferences with white color as the base.

Flower on Pink

Ail Art Stickers That Don T Look 16


Applying these beautiful stickers to your oval-shaped nails will make your nails look pretty and elegant. Pink colored base and various flower types are the best combination ever!

Metal Nail Art Stickers

Ail Art Stickers That Don T Look 13


These stickers are created from metal and they come in various designs. You can use them to create accent nails towards your manicure. You will need nail glue to stuck them.

Acrylic Nail Stickers

Ail Art Stickers That Don T Look 11


These nail stickers are actually as good as metal nail stickers. The difference between them is that they are created from acrylics. You do not really need much time to use them since they are really easy to do. Your nails will look so chic and elegant once you apply it.

Sunflower Nail Stickers

Ail Art Stickers That Don T Look 09


Nail stickers with sunflower design will instantly brighten up your day. By using these nail stickers, you’ll have summer vibe on your nails. This design will also improve your mood and keep your stylish look.

Unicorn Green Horn  

Ail Art Stickers That Don T Look 08


The variety of nail art sticker display with unicorn shape is the right choice to give a sweet and unique impression. The unicorn’s appearance with green horns with flower accents is one of the nail art inspiration that suits you to emulate your special days.

Gucci Luxury

Ail Art Stickers That Don T Look 06


There is nothing wrong if you try to put on this 3D shaped art sticker, with the background of the Gucci brand, it will bring your appearance more glamorous. Create with a base nail polish nude and give a green-red-green strip on one of your nails, then put the gucci sticker earlier with glue. Make sure everything is neatly arranged.

Avengers Endgame

Ail Art Stickers That Don T Look 20


Nail art sticker inspiration was subsequently adopted from the very popular film title, Avenger. Movies that have cool superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Thor, and others become nail art stickers that will make you look more stylish and not outdated.

Dreamy Galaxy

Ail Art Stickers That Don T Look 18


If you are looking for beautiful and eye catching nail art stickers and utilize dark colors, Dreamy Galaxy could be one of the recommendations. The combination of black and galaxy will give an attractive appearance. This will create if the space in your grasp becomes real.

Atlantis Mermaid

Ail Art Stickers That Don T Look 27


Dominated by the color of nail polish between blue and silver. The design is indeed simple, with a pattern of fish scales becoming a very good combination. The results will really make you fall in love.

Using nail art stickers is quite simple. It can be done without hurting your nails. Besides, it can make your nails look gorgeous easily.

Vintage Wedding Rings for Your Sacred Marriage

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage
Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage

A wedding ring represents love through time. It is a symbol of the dedication of two lovers to care and love one another for the rest of their life. Therefore, the wedding ring is used to be a sign of commitment and love.

For you who want to get antique wedding rings for your sacred marriage, we have collected some ideas of vintage wedding rings. They are so timeless and beautiful like your love.

Angled Light Blue

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage12


This ring is suitable for your lady who likes to live boldly and daringly. The combination of blue sapphire diamond with bright pave white diamonds is so gorgeous and breathtaking.

Non-Diamond Ring

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage08


This elegant ring might be the best option for you who won’t buy an expensive wedding ring. However, this ring still looks so sparkly and stunning.

 Pear Diamond Ring

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage07


This ring looks so dazzling and beautiful. As you give it to your wife-to-be, she will be the prettiest bride ever in this world. It can also be used vertically or even sideways,

 A Raw Design

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage06


For those who want to get a vintage and rustic look, this ring will be a perfect choice. Whether it comes with a white, silver, or gold ring, the crystal will shine like the morning star in the dawn.

Love Knot Ring

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage05


This vintage wedding ring can present your eternal love and your faithfulness towards your partner. Besides, it will be a perfect symbol of your sacred wedding.

Leaf Design Wedding Ring

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage04


Leaf design wedding ring is inspired by the beauty of a Greek goddess. Its sparkling diamond with unique design looks so stunning. Some extra sparkly bling complements the look.

Twisted Band and Classic Diamond

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage03


This simple ring comes with a twist that conveys a story of two lovers coming together. The classic diamond symbolizes their precious love they will go through.

Pearl and Diamond

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage02


Model wedding rings like this can still be given the impression of luxury by adding a striking pearl accent to the ring. Usually in the middle of the ring will be round can be decorated with diamonds to add a special impression.

Aquamarine Ring

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage01


For couples who prefer simple rings, vintage wedding ring models can be the right choice. This one wedding ring model has a simple impression but looks very sweet.

Intricate Floral Diamond

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage11


Showcases an intricate vintage inspired design that has brilliant diamonds set all the way around. This design is the perfect combination of vintage chic and glamour.

Half Eternity Birthstone

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage10


ring is also an inseparable part of important moments of marriage. This round shaped jewelry symbolizes commitment between the two parties who are bound by a marriage bond. Therefore we need a combination of gemstones that are usually used to beautify jewelry.

Sparkly Ring Guards

Vintage Wedding Rings For Your Sacred Marriage09


One ring model that is also in demand is a modification of a vintage ring model. Vintage type ring with a modification of modern touch both form and material is a combination of classic wedding rings with modern designs. It still looks classic and elegant but has a more contemporary look.

Those vintage wedding ring ideas have an elegant design with enchanting details. They will look so stunning on her finger. Besides, they will be a perfect representation of your love and faithfulness to your lover. Choose the best one for your wedding!

Ideas to Make your Wedding Rings Special

Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special
Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special

The wedding rings become the couple’s precious thing to have. The rings may symbolize a deeper relationship through marriage. Most brides prefer their rings to be different and special, either through a personalized message, unique design, or hand made. Whatever the reasons are, you can work on one of these ideas to make your wedding rings.

Do the Design

Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special12


Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special07


Make your rings more special by designing them. The design may reflect your and your partner’s personality and style. Try to collaborate with your partner to find a perfect design. You can put a diamond, engrave, or simply choose less expensive metals for the rings. It will be up to you.

Put a Personalized Message

Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special06


Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special05


Engraving your wedding rings with a personal message will never be so old-fashioned. Find a short yet meaningful sentence to be engraved. You may consider engraving the date of the marriage or your both initial names.

Remake the Engagement Ring

Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special01


Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special11


Why do bother having two rings when you can have one. If you have an engagement ring, you can remake it into a new wedding ring. Change the cut-out ring detail. You may add a complimentary ring and combine it with your engagement one.

Place Hidden Gemstones

Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special02


Try to make your wedding rings unique and different. Put some gemstones inside your rings. Pick different gemstones that represent you and your partner. You may find the rings as a reminder that only you and your partner can see.

Say it with a Diamond

Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special04


Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special03


Having a diamond ring is such an irresistible. Whether you limit your rings with a single diamond or the more glam the better? Carry the idea out. Put a small sparkle diamond in the middle of the ring if you prefer simple rings. Add one big diamond in the middle and two small ones in the right and left side to accentuate the glam.

With Various Colors

Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special10


Ideas To Make Your Wedding Rings Special09


Wedding rings with sparkling white diamonds seem to have been chosen too often. Therefore, some couples who have a more free soul choose rings with different colors, such as rose gold, or with different colored gemstones.

Whatever the design is, with or without diamond, your rings will always symbolize your deeper love relationship. Make them special by creating your wedding rings.

Complete Your Lovely Look with These Valentine Nail Polish

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine Nail Polish
Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine Nail Polish

You may think that the best gift on Valentine’s Day is heart-shaped chocolates and bunches of red roses. You know, Valentine Day gives you a good reason to get refinement at your appearances. One of the ideas to get a better look is that take your manicure into the upper level.

This is the time for you to explore your creativity and make your look lovelier! If you are looking for some ideas for your nail art, here are some the sweetest Valentine nail polish you can use onto your nails.

Red and Pink Ombre

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 15


A beautiful combination of red hot and bright pink will make your nails look gorgeous. You may give the red hot color at your cuticles then fade it into a bright pink on the ends of your oval-shaped and long nails.

Perfect Almond

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 11


Appear a little extra with nail makeup on Valentine’s Day certainly does not hurt. As a base color, you can choose kutes nude. Paint some parts of the nail with gold color. Paint by following the almond model

Abstract Nails

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 07


If you want to get an abstract concept with your nails, it will be a good idea for Valentine’s Day. You can mix and match colors and shapes. For example, you can combine subtle blue nail polish and purple lines or any colors that you want to use.


Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 06


Get sweet vibe of Valentine’s Day by applying this chocolate design on your nails. Remember to not lick your fingers clean, it’s not real chocolate!

 Nothing but Bejeweled

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 05


If you prefer a minimalist option to your nails, you can choose a bejeweled design. You will need clear nail polish and some beautiful and cute jewelry. It’s quite simple, but it’s still elegant and cute.

Adorable Heart

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 04


With the right execution, simple nail makeup can successfully beautify your appearance on a romantic valentine’s night with your partner. Give a heart-shaped accent made of pearls or other trinkets that will beautify your nails.

Black Magic Sparkling

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 03


Appear bold with dark colors you can outsmart by adding a glitter accent as a thief of attention. After decorating the nails with dark basic colors, such as black, beautify the appearance of the nails by sweeping glitter to form a collection of hearts. For a chic style, an additional silver line around the edge of the nail can make it more colorful than just applying black.

Pink Negative Space Nails

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 02


To make pink negative space nails you can wear pinkish colors for nails on this Valentine’s Day. If it still looks monotonous, make a heart design and stripes on one finger.

Rainbow Hearts

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 08


Use white color as a base coat, and apply tiny stickers that are as sweet as candies you get on the Valentine’s Day. This Valentine nail polish may look simple, but it still looks so cute and lovely.

Mix Super Elegant

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 01


Like a tetris game, nail appearance like this is very unique and requires high patience so that the results are not messy. All you need to make nail art like this is nail polish in blue and soft pink. Add glittern and diamond accents to sharpen its majesty.

Lace Details

Complete Your Lovely Look With These Valentine I 09


Want a classic and elegant touch? You must choose the color white for your appearance, give a touch of lace detail on the tip of the nail. For basic colors, you can choose nude colors.

Having beautiful nails on Valentine’s Day will make you fall in love with your nails and fall in love with yourself as well.  Now, you can choose one of the Valentine nail polish ideas above and make your nails look prettier!


11 Brilliant Ideas for Plus Size Women Fashion

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size Women Fashion
11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size Women Fashion

Confidence might become a challenge for plus size women. Don’t worry. All you need is to mix and match your outfit to look great carefully. In choosing the preferred plus size women fashion, you can surely play with pattern, texture, and cutting for experiments. Remember not to pick outfits that are too tight as they would share you no comfort.

Here is our recommendation on plus size women fashion you can copy.

Floral-Patterned Overall Dress

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 11


Going vibrant with the floral-patterned overall dress is perfect for plus size women fashion. For a starter, the dark-nuanced floral overall dress can be an option. However, if you want to go on another level, go for a bright yellow or red one to establish your confidence.

Knee-High Boots

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 07


Picking elegant footwear for plus size women fashion is not that hard. Just choose a pair of knee-high boots that’ll not only exhibit your grace but also offer comfort for your afternoon walk. Simply pick pumps in monochrome colors, like black, grey or brown. The materials you can pick are faux leather, suede, and fur. They’ll brilliantly make you look sophisticatedly trendy, too!

Cape Blazer

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 06


Texture and cutting in your outfit can be earned through a faux leather cape blazer. You can put on a basic T-shirt beneath it for your casual, daily look. Or else, you can wear an overall monochromatic dress before your blazer cape to go to a party. Surprisingly, you can also wear a cape blazer that’ll give you a chic look for a formal meeting.

Belt and Stripes

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 05


There is nothing more functional than the combination of belt and stripes. The belt is one prominent accessory in plus size women fashion. It’s brilliant how a belt can level up your look and allow you to look amazing. Vertical stripe pattern also works, too. Picking an overall dress with vertical stripes can make you look taller.

Fringe and Lace Ups

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 04


Having a body plus size sometimes has its own problems, such as in choosing a daily outfit. The myth that details such as fringe and lace ups will focus on undesirable areas must be straightened out immediately.
To note, in wearing a blend of fringe and lace ups with a plain top to make you look more simple and sleek.

Tutu Tulle A Line Skirt

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 03


Choose feminine tops with minimalist details. But the existence of sweeteners such as shoulder detail, can make you look slimmer. Wearing bright clothes in blue and soft pink tulle tutu subordinates, it still looks fashionable and beautiful as long as we remain confident. But remember to prioritize comfort in clothing, do not force wearing an outfit that makes you uncomfortable.

Break My Stride Dress

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 02


Instead, show your curves by wearing clothes that elevate your body shape. One way to mix and match black dress with white angkle boots can be an inspiration. You can also add a belt to give the illusion to your body, especially the hips and abdomen, not just by using loose formless clothes. Choose a black belt to match and look modest. The use of a belt with the same color as clothing also makes the effect of slimming instantly.

Faux Fur Trim Cardigan

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 09


The combination of pants and black tops can be an inspiration. The choice of dark colors gives the illusion of a leaner looking body. So that the appearance is not boring and not stiff, add accent boots with high heels.

Military Pattern

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 01


Even though you have a fat body, it doesn’t mean you can’t use clothes with busy motifs. Jumsuit with military motif can give a beautiful appearance and disguise your body shape. The size of the motif should not be too small or not too big.

Cargo Pants

11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 10


As women who have a plus size body, often we have problems to find clothes that fit our body size. Cargo pants is one of the outfits that is currently being hit among Fashionistas. Besides being comfortable, cargo pants will also cause a level effect on the legs. You can combine it with a plain white shirt and ankle peep toe boots that make you look more trendy.


11 Brilliant Ideas For Plus Size 08


Who says big size woman is not suitable to use jumpsuit? Choose monocrome colored jumpsuit to make the body appear slimmer. . Then, mix it with high heels to make it look more edgy.

Those are ideas on plus size women fashion. Set your preference and be fully confident as you walk.

Cute Women Snow Boots That Go with Any Outfit

Cute Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfit
Cute Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfit

Women often feel demanded to look fabulous even in a heavy-duty, like in a snowy day. Here, women snow boots are in top priority for safety purposes, and looking adorable in these gears can be your bonus. Going stylish in rugged snowy hues is possible. These gears made especially for certain uses could be really expensive and picking the right ones that’ll go with any outfit is another extra job on your list.

Go dive in our picks on women snow boots you can steal below.

Suede Waterproof Snow Booties

Te Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfi 10


If the monochromatic look is your style, go for suede waterproof snow booties. Picking suede in the water-resistant base could brilliantly help you for a snow walk. It doesn’t easily absorb melting snow and can surely go for heavy duty. Suede is often preferred as it not only offers a basic combination that’ll go with any outfit but also establishes fashion to look real.

Mid-Calf Zipper High Boots

Te Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfi 08


Mid-calf zipper high boots are your answer if you’re currently looking for adjustable booties for your snow walk. These mid-high boots are featured with a zipper so that you can have knee-high boots or mid-calf high boots depending on your use.

Lace-Up Boots with Fur

Te Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfi 07


The lace-up feature can be great to be combined with fur as adorable women snow boots. Faux fur is often chosen as it would fit any snow-inspired outfit. You can pick all white furry boots or those made of artificial leather with a simple touch of fur on top. Wear these on your evening walk or winter party and be ready to be everyone’s favorite.

Simple Rain Boots

Te Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfi 06


Snowy days often come with rain every day and night, and a pair of rain boots is a must to have. Just pick simple rain boots that’ll definitely help you with it. You can choose black boots to fit in your outfit as it is quite basic and functional, too. These rain boots can surprisingly work for a casual stroll in the snowy afternoon with friends, too!

Duck Boots

Te Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfi 05


Duck boots are a type of waterproof ‘duck shoes’, made from rubber sole and leather upper. The boots became a clothing item that was connected to an elite preparatory school.

Fur Warm Snow Boots

Te Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfi 04


Protect your feet from the cold snow when on a vacation in the winter. Of course we want to travel comfortably without fear of chills, right? These boots are very helpful especially if you are traveling to a country that is experiencing winter. Made of genuine leather, this is very soft and comfortable when used.

Waterproof Mid-Calf Snow Boots

Te Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfi 03


In addition to the calf height, choose boots whose inner material can warm your feet like fur, polyester, or other warm material. For snowy days, you might be better off choosing waterproof boots, because if it’s snowing, then you should be prepared to get wet.

Sheepskin Ugg Boots

Te Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfi 02


Sheepskin ugg boots are comfortable boots for you to use during your daily activities in winter. This product made from suede has elongated details. This shoe also has a protective layer of cold and wet weather.

The Grizzly Boots in Brown

Te Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfi 01


Winter is synonymous with the use of women’s boots. Boots are better known in Europe or other cold countries. But as fashion develops, women’s boots are now a must-have collection. Choice of sweeter grizzly boots in high street style that still can provide comfort when you have to walk far.

Brielle Ankle Sweater Bootie with Side Zipper

Te Women Snow Boots That Go With Any Outfi 09


Do you like tomboyish style with boots? This shoe suits you. Made from a mixture of Kody and Faux Leather material, this product is also designed with Air Lining, these boots are also equipped with side zipper to make it easier for you to wear it. Appearance will be more edgy and boyish by using these boots.

Those are ideas on adorable women snow boots. Which one is your favorite?



Walking in Style with These Women Winter Boots

Walking In Style With These Women Winter Boots
Walking In Style With These Women Winter Boots

Winter boots are must to have in winter and being awesome in them is not difficult. There are many options for women winter boots, and it necessarily depends on the occasion you’re in. Faux leather and fur are two materials you can occupy to level up your performance. The key ideas are to mix and match the booties and the outfit you wear.

Here is our list on women winter boots. Check this out and feel free to have a fun experiment.

Faux Leather Ankle Boots

Walking In Style With These Women Winte 11


Going for a stroll in a fine snowy day can be perfect with a pair of faux leather ankle boots. Basic colors, like black, nude brown or suede, can totally work with almost any outfit you wear. However, having animal-inspired patterns has never gone wrong, too. Be brave to pick those in zebra, giraffe or dalmatian pattern, and be confident as you walk.

Stylish Booties with Zipper

Walking In Style With These Women Winte 08


TO go sophisticated, choose stylish booties with zipper. They do not only offer easy to wear but also surprisingly work for both formal and informal occasions. Simply pick women winter boots that’ll match to your outfit and the occasion you’re in and be ready to amaze everyone in the wintry day.

Black Knee-High Pump

Walking In Style With These Women Winte 07


If you want a fuss-free match for your overall winter top, go for a pair of the black knee-high pump. Knee-high boots could both enhance your elegance and establish sophistication for you to rock the snow. They’ll also make you look taller, too! To be into winter theme, you can choose those in the leather base.

Stiletto Heel Boots

Walking In Style With These Women Winte 06


Your party can’t really be completed without a pair of kicking-ass women winter boots. Go for stiletto heel boots. They would not only make you look taller but also exhibit your elegance. If you want the wintrier effect, go for those adorned with faux fur that’ll be perfect for your winter nightdress.

Calf Length Boots

Walking In Style With These Women Winte 05


Calf length boots will make your short body look taller. Just mix your calf length boots with skinny jeans to show the impression of slim legs and make you look taller.

Round Toe Long Boots Matte Leather Knee Length Boot Woman Double Buckle

Walking In Style With These Women Winte 04


You who like the simple and classic look can choose these boots to enhance your appearance. Choose leather boots to make the appearance look elegant. Rights that are not too high make it comfortable to wear throughout the event. This model boots suitable combined with any fashion style.

Ugg Boots

Walking In Style With These Women Winte 03


Ugg boots are covered with sheepskin on the outside and fleece on the inside, making these shoes the most appropriate choice for winter. Leather is weak but still resistant at low temperatures and when used will not feel slippery. These boots are enhanced with ribbon accents on the back.

Brogue Boots

Walking In Style With These Women Winte 02


Brogue Boots are types of boots with a special decoration of small holes pierced on the skin, or called perforations. The purpose of this decorative hole is to provide traditional and vintage accents that are characteristic of Brogue shoes.

Stack Up Peep Toe Boots

Walking In Style With These Women Winte 01


For those of you who like to look cute and feminine, peep toe boots are perfect for supporting your appearance. As the name implies, this type of boots shows the user’s toes remain open at the front and makes the big toe look like a peek. Choose who has heels that give a more feminine impression.

Chelsea Boots

Walking In Style With These Women Winte 10


So the choice of many people thanks to its practical and stylish usage. Slip-on chelsea boots also don’t give too much impression on your appearance. This Chelsea model boots carries a simple design and is generally without straps and straps. This model is usually necked high enough to cover the ankles and ankles.

Those picks on amazing women winter boots would hopefully get you inspired.


Choose the Right Korean Women Fashion for You

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion For You
Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion For You

Korean fashion is still trending and following its fashion has never gone wrong. Picking the right one can surprisingly be easy for almost any occasion you’ll attend. The key features of Korean women fashion are typical to look effortlessly cute, natural, yet casual. You can combine your hairdo, makeup, outfit and shoes with Korean-inspired theme to go that way.

Here we recommend some hot picks on Korean women fashion you can follow.

Casual Blazer

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 14


Looking for a functional fashion item that’ll go for both formal and informal occasions? Go for a casual blazer. The casual design would fit your look in an afternoon walk with friends or an office meeting. Korean women fashion normally goes with simple and basic colors, so you can pick yours in black, brown, beige or grey that’ll match your performance.

Nude Color Pallet

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 08


Korean women fashion almost always works with natural colors. Soft brown, pink or peach dominate the fashion items in Korean wave. As bold colors are normally avoided, the nude color pallet is often considered to give the younger, fresher, and more adorable look. Simply adjust your makeup color pallet with the outfit you’ll wear.

Oversized Outfit

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 07


Going edgy yet casual is hyped in Korean women fashion, and it can be earned through an oversized outfit. You can pick an oversized blazer to go for a formal meeting or to go to campus. Or else, you can opt for a plus size jumper, sweatshirt or T-shirt to look more casual for daily use. Pair your favorite with sneakers or booties, and off you go!

Sporty Look

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 06


When you’re not currently into feminine style in Korean women fashion, opt for a sporty look. You can simply grab a baseball cap, wear natural makeup, and put on your oversized sweatshirt and ripped jeans. Alternatively, you can swap the sweatshirt with a basic T-shirt and a denim jacket. Don’t forget about sneakers, to

Linen Skirt

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 09


This striped top can make you look cute. Most striped shirts have only two neutral colors, like white and black, white and gray, or white and blue. If combined with a long black or neutral culottes. This motif is very commonly worn by Korean society and later it became one of the characteristics to be found in Korean dramas or worn by idols.

Skinny Jeans Pants

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 13


Other pants that are quite popular to be used by Korean women are jeans with skinny or tight models. These model pants will greatly shape the feet of the user. So that if used with a loose top, it can really attract the attention of anyone who sees it.

Off-shoulder Blouse

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 04


This clothing model makes the shoulders of women will make the focus of your style. Off-shoulder clothing models can also give a feminine and sexy feel as well as plain at the same time. Solid match from this clothing model can be done by choosing a color that makes it in line with subordinates.

Laced Blouse

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 02


Lace is a lace material that displays transparent sides when used on the hands or shoulders. Dress with this model is selling well in the market now. Shoe styles that should be used to complement your style with laced blouse are beautiful and attractive flat shoes. The use of laced blouse also gives a special impression.

Ruffled Collar Blouse

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 03


This girly collar is a mainstay for Korean women’s fashion who want to look feminine and sweet. You can mix and match these tops with and high heels. This clothing model is easy to mix and match and still show the beauty of its users. The impression of a blouse or dress with a ruffled accent is very luxurious and charming.

Tank Top Slip Dress

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 11


This model is a female canal model with spaghetti straps. This one strap dress is very popular to use today. Most women use it with deep white plain shirts during casual events that can make you look fresher. For a more feminine style, you can use a mini handbag and sandals for your cool casual style.

Roll-up Jeans Pants

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 01


Some models of pants that are currently being warmly used in Korea are jeans made with the bottom of the pants folded out. The model, known as the roll-up jeans pants, is perfect for displaying the trendy and adorable style of a woman. You can combine large-sized sweaters according to the style that makes you comfortable. Reinforce your Korean style by wearing shoes, complete with socks.

Mesh Dress

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 10


This type of dress is a transparent dress and can not be used without the inner part. Choose a neutral inner color and plain patterned to not collide. You can also combine mesh dresses with hot pants. This dresh mesh model is popular in the fashion world.

Boyfriend Jeans Pants

Choose The Right Korean Women Fashion 12


Women who want to have a slightly tomboyish style can choose this type of subordinate to complement whatever type of boss is used. The use of these pants can increase the tomboyish aura of a woman. Covered stylish with boyfriend jeans pants suitable for casual style lovers. Pair with a white shirt for a neutral impression but still look neat. To maximize this style this type of pants is also comfortable to use in various activities.

See, it’s effortless to look awesome in Korean women fashion. Have a try and bedazzling as you go!

Everyday Shirt Dress Ideas for Utmost Convenience

Everyday Shirt Dress Ideas For Utmost Convenience
Everyday Shirt Dress Ideas For Utmost Convenience

As shirt dress is the elongated version of men’s button-down shirt and worn as a dress, it has both the masculine and feminine touch. This makes a shirt dress is the most versatile and super comfy. This dress is also a wardrobe staple for anyone who wants to avoid styling hassles.

You can wear a shirt dress for all sorts of activity. Besides comfortable to wear as a lazy outfit at home, the dress can turn into a stylish smart casual outfit for work and a casual stroll. Find out how you can style a shirt dress for everyday use.

Just Wanna Lie Down on a Couch

Everyday Shirt Dress Ide 10


When you just want to linger on the sofa and don’t want to feel too bare, layered, and serious, a loose shirt dress is just something you need. Wearing this dress, you don’t need to worry about a guest suddenly turning up about your door.

Should there be one, you are ready to greet them with something “appropriate” to put on. Try a plain white shirt dress or stripped one for a relaxed tone.

Give Me that Office Super Stylish Look

Everyday Shirt Dress Ide 08


You can look both professional and stylish at the same time in a shirt dress. Try to throw a white blazer over a classic blue shirt dress. In addition, you can perfect the look with nude heels and a handbag.

Put that Sneakers On, and You are Ready to Go

Everyday Shirt Dress Ide 07


The perfect combo of a plain white shirt dress and sneakers will take you far down the road. Just by looking at it, you know how comfortable it is to wear them while enjoying your walk. Style your hair in a crown or knot bun for an additional dose of placidness.

Anti-Mainstream with The Style of Canvas Shoes

Everyday Shirt Dress Ide 04


If you like to wear a white shirt, don’t make your appearance boring, it’s fine to put a plain white shirt as your favorite shirt. Only by combining with trending items such as matching canvas shoes can give a chic and cooler look.

Create Your Sensual Appearance

Everyday Shirt Dress Ide 03


Beautiful with a pink bandage will give you a few points in your appearance. Featuring arm cuffs with a buttoned up design and a belt for extra comfort so that it can make your body look slimmer and not widened. Surely this shirt still keeps you looking feminine, sensual, and galamour although relaxed.

Magic  Socialite

Everyday Shirt Dress Ide 02


If you want to look more upscale socialite, try with a satin shirt that has a shiny and slippery surface that will sweeten your appearance. You can add a waist strap, in addition to helping anticipate that your shirt is not too loose and wide, this strap can make you look more sweet. Add angkle boots with animal-patterns to accentuate your social side.

It’s Not Hard to Look Fashionable

Everyday Shirt Dress Ide 09


Shirt tops are indeed in demand by many active women. Besides being comfortable to use, these clothes also do not limit the space for movement. Even still can be used for work or just relax. Especially for you who have a myriad of activities but still want to look stylish. Complete the appearance with a hat and high heels so that it looks feminine. A simple handbag also makes you look smarter.

Afforrdable Shirt for Spring and Summer

Everyday Shirt Dress Ide 05


You can use a shirt top with a plain look. Coupled with the accessories you like, you can look stylish in any atmosphere, not just relax. Because casual style is very practical but still fashionable.

Stay Stunning with A Simple Style

Everyday Shirt Dress Ide 01


You can still be stylish with a short-sleeved shirt, so that it looks better to wear and looks even sweeter, you can use statements like sunglasses or other accessories. Don’t forget the practical and sweet sling bag to carry your personal belongings

Make Your Appearance More Catchy

Everyday Shirt Dress Ide 06


If you like to experiment in appearance, then you can combine this vertical stripe shirt with angkle boots, this style can make you look neat and relaxed at the same time, but also for a variety of conditions both semi-formal and even formal.

How do you the abovementioned shirt dress stylings, Ladies? Let us know how you like them.

Best 9 Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Romantic

Best 4 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Romantic
Best 4 Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Romantic

Romantic outdoor wedding venue design is currently hyped. Having a beautiful wedding venue outdoor is everyone’s dream, and now it is no longer impossible to happen. As it would go hectic on the D-day, it is necessary to prepare all you need earlier. An outdoor wedding reception requires plans and anticipation due to direct weather exposures. Nevertheless, being surrounded by nature in your special day is genuinely worth your energy.

We recommend these key ideas on making your outdoor wedding venue romantic.

Rustic Décor

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 20


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 09


Rustic touch on the arch and aisle could definitely bring the romantic nuance that you need. A simple wooden arch adorned with dangling white decorating cloth could complete the stage. Also, you can beautify your arch and aisle with wooden barrels and adorable floral arrangement.

Nature-Charmed Reception

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 07


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 06


To bring along a pretty outdoor wedding reception, you can use natural wooden picnic tables adorned with simple garland centerpieces to allow guests to enjoy the relaxing yet meaningful moment together. You can also employ white chairs decorated with hanging flowers or rustic mason jars filled with pinecones.

Vignette Illumination

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 05


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 04


If you have an afternoon to the evening reception, it is important to think about its lighting. You can have white candles on the tables. Also, dangle string lights on your outdoor wedding venue to spread the rustic ambiance. You can also install some mason jar chandeliers on the focal points to let the vignette illumination in. Pick some in warm white lighting so that they would display the warmth in the air.

Wood Amazement

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 03


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 02


Wedding moment lasts forever, and to make it memorable, you need to provide spaces for everyone to take pictures so that they can keep them in memories, too. Allow the wood amazement to take apart in your outdoor wedding venue. You can manage a tree photo station, welcoming chalkboards, hashtag display, and other wedding-themed wood signs. Let the natural wooden décor splash the rustic amazement on your special day!

Fun Wedding

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 01


Wedding decorations are always made romantic with hundreds of flowers. To get a warm and casual party, bright colors can be used as decorations. As inspiration, decoration of paper flowers for decoration knick knacks.
Beautiful Dessert Table
Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 19
Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 17
Because this is part of an outdoor wedding, do not bother to organize the deserts of delicious dishes. You can arrange it beautifully with the help of wooden drums and vintage style drink station carts.

Another Function of A Wooden Ladder
Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 16
Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 13

To add a natural rustic impression, you can add a wooden ladder to make a memorable photo display with your partner, or you can also place a glass jar with beautiful flower arrangements. Give a point to put it so that all guests are impressed.

Extrance Walkway

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 10


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 08


To welcome guests, you need to make this sweet walkway, just arrange it with a series of elongated white cloths provided by candle glass lantern hangers sideways on the way to your wedding venue or with inflated balloons. You will never be wrong with this choice.

Backdrops Frame

Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 12


Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Wedding 11


Using frames or photo frames as wedding backdrops is the simplest thing among the others. You don’t need to buy or make anything to decorate your wedding backdrop


See, it’s not hard to have a beautiful outdoor wedding venue. Pick your favorites and give them a go!


Simple And Inexpensive Check Out These 20 Easy Nail Art Design

Simple and Inexpensive, Check Out These 20 Easy Nail Art Design

Nowadays, your nails are an extension of yourself. Say goodbye to dull, untreated nails, because here, you’ll discover the kind of nail art magic...